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IPS Officer Raja Kumari From Andhra Pradesh Cooked And Served 11 Women Migrant Workers At Midnight. Good People Do Exist.

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Every day when I wake up for work, in search for trending stories that aren’t just relevant to the recent times but also full of substance or learning. And I am usually loaded down with only news about the pandemic and the count of how many more have lost their lives to this sudden virus outbreak. And while writing about what is happening, however disheartening it may be, has been my job for the longest time, of late I have found myself to be rather surprised by the kind of sunny positive news I usually come across. The recent one being a heartwarming tale of how a woman IPS office from Andhra Pradesh cooked rice for 11 women migrant workers at midnight.

In yet another episode of compassion and goodwill by an officer, the Vizianagaram district superintendent of police B Raja Kumari had received a call at around midnight from a woman, who shared the plight of about 10 migrant women workers, who were hungry and had had nothing to eat for the past 3 days. Raja Kumari took it upon herself personally as she decided to help those women out.

She shared, “The fact that some poor women did not have food for days disturbed me. I called up my officers. They offered to take bread. In lockdown times, getting bread is also difficult at that hour. I know bread cannot satiate the hunger of people starving for three days.” It was then when she called her assistant and settled upon making lemon rice for the women.”that is the only rice item we can make quickly”, said Raja Kumari.

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Once it was cooked, Raja Kumari herself took it to the quarantine center in Lendi College, surprising the women with her kindness and compassion. The women then shared how they had been walking for three days from Sullurupet in Nellore district to Vizianagaram and it was after a local relative passed on the number of the SP, that these women had a little hope of being helped out.

Not only did Raja Kumari serve them with a wholesome meal, but also briefed them about the rules of how they will be tested and only after a quarantine of 14 days will they be allowed to move again. All in all, she did come to them like a ray of light in such dark times and we are glad we still have such women midst us who are ready to sacrifice their comfort to help those in need.

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