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11 Yoginis You Need To Follow On Instagram NOW!

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Everyone knows the benefits of yoga but when it comes to actually practising it, many women think of it as difficult, or worse still, boring. So, here’s some #MondayMotivation for you ahead of International Yoga Day tomorrow. These seriously talented women across the world are slaying it on Instagram with their flexible bodies, one asan at a time. What’s more, their posts are always filled with encouraging quotes, cool videos, and life lessons that you can definitely take inspiration from. If they don’t inspire you to hit the mat every morning, we don’t know what will!


A video posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

1. yoga_girl

Rachel Brathen is one of the most well-known yoginis out there and it all started with her Instagram account. Her feed is full of happy selfies, beautiful poses at gorgeous locations around the world, videos of her practice at home in Aruba, and the best part, all her rescue dogs that feature prominently in her posts. Apart from launching her own yoga channel, a new book and hosting retreats around the world, she’s recently also launched a new company called 109 world in the honour of her late dog, pepper that helps rescue stray and abandoned dogs and find them happy homes around the world. This girl is truly inspirational!


2. laurasykora

A wife and a doting mother, Laura Kasperzak has taken over the world with her yoga. She gave up her daily office grind to become a certified yoga teacher. Her posts often feature her tiny tots and husband, apart from the usual yoga poses. She recently trained in acro yoga with her husband and you’ll see the stunning results of that all over her feed. Relationship goals?


A photo posted by Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) on

3. kinoyoga

This gorgeous girl has made a lot of people fall in love with her super flexible yoga poses. Kino trains people of all levels, so that everyone from amateurs to trained yogis can learn from her. Trust me, an instant smile curves on your face after seeing her images. Plus, she travels to India a lot! A word of caution: her level of flexibility might make you insecure!


A photo posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

4. beachyogagirl

Kerri Verna indulges in yoga by the sea, so naturally her feed is full of exclusive poses on the beach and there is rarely a time when she isn’t near the water. Her instructional videos are — in one word — AMAZING!


5. gypsetgoddess

If you want to feel all happy and lively turn to Caitlin Turner’s Instagram account. Her yoga images are filled with vibrant colours, gypsy vibes and sexy photos by the sea. You will often see her girlfriends practising alongside her.


6. talia_sutra

This Israeli beauty takes you on a journey in yoga that you would not want to come back from. From poses at sunset to those at a farm, she has it all! If nothing else, I guarantee you’ll fall in love with her contagious smile.


A photo posted by Melissa Lee (@pocketdwarf) on

7. pocketdwarf

So a lot of yogis practice yoga at the beach, including Melissa Lee, but when you’re tired of looking at the sea, she’ll take you to snowcapped mountains, swings, and even her bedroom. She has beautiful images from her shoots that will leave you speechless. One of my personal favourites is the image above. Check out her entire series with fairy lights!


A video posted by Nicole Woyak (@nwoy) on

8. nwoy

Nicole Woyak is not only a yoga teacher but also designs yoga apparel for women. Her flawless splits and super flexibility will give you serious envy!


9. kristenpro

All that you will find on Kristen’s Instagram account are images that will make you want to enroll for a class immediately. They are so good and oh-so-pretty. On my wish list: meeting the photographer who clicks her images!


A photo posted by Riva G (@riva_g_) on

10. riva_g

Being a creative director, Riva’s images are crafted with a lot of imagination. One image shows her in the desert and another on train tracks, while yet another has her doing a headstand in the middle of the road. Follow her already!


11. Deepikamehtayoga

This Indian girl is giving everyone major fitness goals! There’s no doubt about her abilities as she comes from the land where yoga was born. A celebrity yoga trainer, her Instagram account speaks volumes about her love for the practice, eating healthy, and travelling the world teaching retreats from Bali to China and beyond. Doing yoga poses in a lehenga is not a joke, ladies!


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