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10 Real Weddings That’ll Give You Some Real Inspo For Yours

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Apart from making us hopeless romantics, Bollywood has also constantly given us #WeddingGoals, however unrealistic they are. I mean, finalising destination weddings in hours takes some solid courage. Then there are weddings that take place all around us that are genuine, simple, and beautiful. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then I’d suggest you ditch the silver screen and focus on the real weddings that are nothing less than fairytales. Time to let go of celebs and get inspired by people like you and me. If you are planning to get married this year, here’s where you start taking notes.

From outfits that are not your usual red to décor that displays some creativity, these couples, wedding planners, and some hardworking cousins have proven that you can stand out, even in reality.


Hassles of seating plans? Quirky signboards will take care of that for you.


Horses and carriages are just too mainstream. Take away the girl in style!


Who said palaces are just for princesses?


Staying on point with the current trends, this bride and her gang decided to ditch the heels for cool white sneakers. The groom was happily kicking in white too!


My friend attended this wedding, so I can vouch for the fact that this cake is for real.


Even if you don’t drink, this will catch your attention for sure!


Something that is slowly catching on is the use of these giant lights to express meaningful things.


This photoshoot makes us want to go back to the retro right now!


Destination wedding and this invite — I AM THERE.


Quirky, colourful, day-time décor, anyone?


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