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Instagram Revealed The Most Popular Hashtags For Food In India And Some Will Surprise You!

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Are you even a foodie if you haven’t looked up the hashtag #foodporn on Instagram? Because here is where you can find the treasure trove of drool-inducing, eye-watering, saliva-producing images and videos of foods from around the world. This is the stuff of legend. The kind that inspire you to travel to places, eat with the locals and patronise a particular chef. Also, you can feel inadequate even as you take in the molecular gastronomy and the skills on display. And when it comes to food, we Indians, well, we love it. So Instagram decided to talk to us foodie millennials andย  released a list of the topmost trending hashtags for food in India, for the first time.

We must admit, Instagram has changed the way we look at food. Be it by posting pictures of food before we eat, or putting up cooking tutorials on Insta-stories, or even posting food reviews, it has surely been the best and the only guide anyone needs.

The following hashtags are the ones that have all the good food. This is where it’s at.

  • #foodstagram
  • #delhigram
  • #delhidiaries
  • #nomnom
  • #kolkatadiaries
  • #indianfoodblogger
  • #eeeeeats
  • #paneer
  • #southindianfood
  • #zingyzest

While most of them would qualify as tags that weโ€™ve already used at one point or could predict topping the list, hashtags like #zingyzest and #southindianfood came as a surprise. Guess we now know how most Indians like their food โ€“ full of zingy sauce and perhaps served with hot yummy rasam! And #paneer, letโ€™s not forget paneer! We saw that coming from a mile away though. What with all the vegetarians making their presence felt. Nothing fully explains the excessive use of the e’s in that #eeeeeats hashtag though. The internet is a weird place.

We think #nomnom has all the feels though. That’s just so Instagram and us.


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