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Instagram Churns Out 2 New Features

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In the race to be the best, social media sites are in neck-to-neck competition. So much so that now it’s a little difficult to tell them apart! When Instagram came out with the ‘stories’ feature, we knew things would get ugly. And it has done it again. It has introduced with two features — Instagram live videos and disappearing photos and messages. Hmm, sounds familiar?


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Taking cue from the Facebook live videos feature, Instagram has rolled out the same for its users. There is one difference though. On Instagram, the video will stop as soon as your live streaming is over and you will not be able to see it again, unlike on Facebook, where the live videos can be re-watched at a later time. To access this feature, just swipe right from the feed and open the camera. There will be an option to start a live video. You can stream live for up to an hour. Your followers will get notified about your live video and will also see a live icon on your story. You can also search for the top live videos on the explore tab and keep track of all the cool things happening ATM.


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The other feature has been introduced with the help of Snapchat. The messages and videos that you directly send to your friends or in a group will disappear instantly now. To use this feature, you will have to send your messages using the arrow icon that is available on the app from today. Replay it or take a screenshot, and your friends will be notified. Yes, exactly the same.

Live videos will be available from some time next week, while the disappearing act feature will be on from today. So, the question is — do we really need 3 apps now?


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