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Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi *May* Have Broken Up. Instagram Is Proof

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A major part of my job requires me to be active on social media at all times. So, I have sort of come around to including that in my daily routine. Wake up, scroll down your feed. Go to the washroom, scroll down the feed some more. Travel to work in a cab, and  you guessed it, scroll further down. Get to work, open your laptop, wear your work glasses and keep scrolling down the feed. And during times when I am not checking out the latest posts on Instagram, I am probably being told about them by my fellow insta-addicts. Yes, we are an entire breed, we’re called the millennials or addicted, this goes either way.

And since we spend so much time stalking celebrities and well, our ex, on social media, we tend to pick on things that others might miss. *evil grin* Like who is getting together or splitting up with whom.  Because how else does one find out right?

Our sleuthing skills have revealed that the nation’s heartthrob Vicky Kaushal might have split up with Harleen Sethi. The two started dating only recently, so this comes rather quickly but if Instagram is anything to go by, it’s real.  It all started when Harleen Sethi, unfollowed the Uri star, Vicky Kaushal. Had it been just that, we may have cast it aside as a human error, slip of hand. But, later on, when we saw Harleen dropping likes one after the another on posts related to heartbreak, and we think it’s because the couple has made a beeline for splitsville.

It’s been a few days since the un-follow, and we still don’t see him making it back into her list, or perhaps her heart.  Vicky Kaushal on the other hand, still is following Harleen which possibly leaves room for reconciliation between the two, because let’s face it, they do look together. Meanwhile, we’ll keep a watch to find out if there really is any trouble in paradise. For now, the Josh doesn’t seem too high.


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