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There Is A New Instagram Trend, And Thank God It’s Going Viral!

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On Monday, Australian country music singer, Tori Forysth asked Instagram users to take up a challenge that celebrates their true beauty. She asked them to upload their selfies — sans a filter. And the trend caught on and how!

Women in Australia have been posting pictures on their handles with powerful captions, and the hashtag — #FkTheFilterChallenge or #BoycottTheFilter. Spreading like wildfire, the challenge has now reached other parts of the world, inspiring many others to do the same.

We are all guilty of taking a million selfies till we get the right one, then ensuring it has a suitable filter that makes us look gorgeous for social media. The approval that we get from random strangers on the Internet has made us slightly obsesses with this false image of ourselves, and robbed us of the joy of going au natural.

Reminding everyone that we’re truly stunning, even without the perfect contrast or beauty app, this challenge is a wake up call to cherish our real selves. #HauteSquad is joining the trend, and we urge you to do the same!

Check out the posts below and take out your cameras to take that quirky selfie… but without the filter!

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Me. This morning. Fresh faced, freshly awake and in my weedy overgrown backyard, without a filter. I’m boycotting social media filters and here’s why. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, the unhealthy obsession with being aesthetically pleasing online. To look a little better and a little happier. I buy into it and I’m guilty of it. Today I’m joined by a bunch of woman also posting a filter free selfie with the hashtags #fkthefilterchallenge or #boycottthefilter – JOIN US! If it’s for just today with a selfie or if you want to join me in a month of filter free. This is a tool to start a conversation, tell your friends and let’s all feel better about how we see ourselves online. Let’s take a step back from creating an alternate reality and instead, live inside the one we have and be confident in sharing it. Check my bio for a blog post with some more info. Baby steps for big changes. Don’t forget to tag me so I can see all of your beautiful filter free faces! X #fkthefilterchallenge #boycottthefilter Here’s part of the message I sent out over the weekend to friends: I'm so tired of trying to make my life look amazing through filters, I'm tired of pretending, I'm tired of getting sucked into the online world of fake and fabricated glamour photos – wishing I was someone else or I was prettier or fitter or whatever.

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This is the real me 🙋🏼‍♀️ Bad skin and crazy ass natural curly hair ________ We live in a society that makes us feel as tho looking completely flawless all the time is the only way we should be seen and I am a culprit of only posting pictures where I look my best.. But this is the real me, the girl that has bad skin constantly and has always been insecure about it after being picked on in high school for it.. I’ve since learnt to surround myself with people who love me the most without makeup, without a filter and know the real me 🙂 Thanks to the beautiful @tori.forsyth for showing the social media world that it’s ok to be you ❤️ #fkthefilterchallenge #boycottthefilterchallenge #youareprettyenough

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