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Influencer Couple Offering Donor Sperm In An Instagram Giveaway Has Internet Divided. But It Will Mean So Much To A Couple In Need

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Being an influencer has perks, like getting shitload of free stuff to endorse and swatch and hoard. What do they do with all this stuff they don’t want to use? They give it away to their Insta fam. Now, I love these Instagram giveaways since they really have cool stuff sometimes that you could get your hands on, like beauty staples or clothing and merchandise. It’s another thing that I’ve literally never won any, despite tagging my friends, liking the post and following the page several times (yes, I remember the steps by heart).

However, sometimes, you come across a giveaway that makes you go ‘wait, what’!? Not kidding. I once saw a pizza giveaway that wasn’t even from a food-related Instagram page. That reminds me, have you ever come across a ‘donor sperm’ giveaway? Well, you are about to.

A same-sex influencer couple, Allie Conway and Sam Kwiatkowski recently announced their partnership with Fairfax Cryobank and ran a donor sperm giveaway contest letting their 202k followers have a fair chance to win a donor sperm, of their choice from the sperm bank. They captioned the post, “DONOR SPERM GIVEAWAY!! We are so, so excited to be partnering with @fairfaxcryobank to (hopefully!) help one of you grow your family!”

The post got mixed reactions from the netizens. While some trolled the couple for the weird giveaway saying they went too far, others seemed genuinely happy with the life-changing contest and were excited to get some swimmers and grow their family. The post has garnered over 14k likes and 8k comments on Instagram.

The post sparked debate on Twitter as soon as the screenshot of the giveaway was tweeted. Besides the trolls and some harmless jokes, some users were really disappointed with the move and argued that the giveaway makes pregnancy a commodity. A user wrote, “It’s the commodification of pregnancy and babies that I find problematic.” Another user commented, “Imagine telling a child that they came from an Instagram giveaway.”

However, most of the comments were positive and came from hopeful parents-to-be. A user wrote “@allieandsam wow! This is amazing! My wife Allie @allyoop1213 and I are just starting the process. We have been looking at @fairfaxcryobank – this would be such a huge help!!! Thank you for sharing your life together it’s such a positive representation for us and other women.” Another user mentioned how expensive sperms can be and how this could literally change someone’s life. “My fiancée and I are looking to start a family. However, with the ridiculous prices fertility clinics charge it’s looking very slim.”

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It’s true though. A vile of sperm at any sperm bank amount to somewhere between $500 to $650 and people often spend their entire life savings on one shot at having a baby. This giveaway, however strange it sounds, could really help couples big time. So, why can’t we look at the bright side here?

The rules of entering the contest are simple, what usually are for any giveaway – like the post, follow the influencers’ and the Fairfax Cyrobank’s page, and tag “as many friends as you want.” They added, “Winner will receive credit for 1 vial of donor sperm (of your choice) from @fairfaxcryobank + free shipping, and will be announced and contacted via DM on August 20th. Contest open to residents of Canada + the US. Not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram. They ended the post wishing “good luck” with a heart and a baby emoji.

If you ask me, I don’t see anything wrong with this giveaway. It’s not hurting anyone’s feelings and definitely isn’t commoditising pregnancy. It’s like a life-changing gift card which could be a big help. And, if people are willing to have a baby this way, who are you (who’s got nothing to with it) to point fingers at it? People really need to chill a bit and live and let live. Instead of spewing unnecessary hate on the couple who’s actually trying to do good, why can’t they channel their energy into something else?

If this Instagram giveaway can actually change someone’s life and make them parents, then why not? What do you think? Let us know.

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