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Indian Women’s Hockey Team Wins The FIH, And Their Celebrations Will Make You Want To Get Up And Dance

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I love the days when we have something more and pressing to celebrate than a cookie at lunch or a free shopping voucher. Especially today when the Indian Women’s Hockey team rejoices its champion win against Japan in the FIH finals and how! Now, we have been following the story of the Indian Women’s Hockey team because we thought it was unfair that boys should have all the fun, especially when it comes to sport. This video of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team celebrating their win is epic and all sorts of amazing.

The strongly led team that had secured itself a prominent place in the finals after defeating Chile with an impressive 4-2 win. Recently, they won the title for which it was playing after what was a breath-taking and nail-biting match between team India and the host team – Japan, at the Hiroshima finals. The girls, who came out victorious were soon after spotted celebrating their well deserved win by singing and dancing along to the Shankar Mahadevan song – Suno Gaur se duniya waalo. And to be honest, looking at that, we wanted to jump up from our seats and dance with them.

The happiness and the pride of these women was contagious, and eventually led to a surge on netizens going up and congratulating the girls for bringing home another accolade and lots or pride. In the final against Japan, the best player title was clinched by Rampal, who is also the captain of the team, while Gurjit Kaur who gave team India its winning goal emerged as the top-scorer of the game.

And while the celebrations may not be more or even as grand as when the cricket team brings back a win, we believe this is a much needed start and must be talked about and celebrated just as enthusiastically. Women are touching the skies, representing the nation and doing a bloody good job at that.

Kudos to our Indian Women’s Hockey Team, as it gathers another feather in its golden cap. As for us, we continue to stay inspired with their dedication, will and power and hope to see them and other fellow sportswomen do just as well and make us proud. Yet again.


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