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Indian Pugilist Nikhat Zareen Father Said “Boxing Is Not For Women”. Oh How She Showed Him!

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Back in school during my business studies lectures, I came across an interesting concept that was modeled around motivation and different ways to egg someone on. It was broadly classified in two categories, meaning that there are two kinds of motivation – positive and negative. The former that could be achieved by way of appreciation and affirmation, while the latter was when the person in question was criticised and condemned, to urge him to do better. A way that seemed to have worked like a charm for Indian pugilist Nikhat Zareen who shared how her father did not approve of her decision to become a boxer.

Nikhat Zareen has had to overcome quite a few hurdles in her life to be where she is today. Facing objection and dissent not just from the society but also from her own father, Nikhat recalls how her father stood against the idea of women pursuing boxing.

She said, ““I can still feel my father’s voice echo in my head ‘Boxing is not for women, is what society thinks & that it’s a men’s sport’.”

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She went on to share, “These very words challenged me and I wanted to go out there prove that boxing doesn’t care whether you are a man or a woman. It’s the desire and aspiration that should matter. Boxing for me is more to do with the attitude and my sense of pride.”

Today Nikhat is not just an idol for other women to look up to, but also a sign of hope, that hardwork and perseverance can get you whatever is it that you desire. She says, “I want to inspire women to become drivers of change for one another with their inspiring & rebellious optimism,” and seems like Zareen is doing a fairly well job of it.

Launching a campaign Watch Us Move, with squash ace Dipika Pallikal and former Miss World Manushi Chillar, Pallikal shared, ” It is a rallying call for all women to be the drivers of change for one another with their inspiring rebellious optimism.”

She further stated, “Through this campaign, I urge women to express themselves more freely and also to move & enjoy and see how this movement can do wonders to their bodies and minds for overall well being.” Perhaps, it is such determination and effort on the end of women like these that will help in inspiring all over the country to go after their dreams and stand up against the entire world if it comes to it.

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