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3 Homegrown Chocolate Brands We Absolutely LOVE!

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After the #MakeInIndia trend, people across the country have been wanting to push India and Indian products higher up the totem pole. This is particularly true with regards to the food and beverage industry. Chefs have been working towards sourcing and using ingredients from within the country to produce edible delights of the finest quality.

This is no small feat, and yet, there are some artisan chefs who are doing exactly that. They make some delicious bars of chocolate in their very own kitchens. These bars are then tastefully wrapped and dispatched for purchase. Turning cocoa beans into bars of rich chocolate, these artisan chefs have left us in awe.

Here’s a look at 3 of the finest homegrown chocolates that will have you drooling.



1. All Things

Managed by Kuhu Kochar and Tejasvi Chandela, All Things is an enterprise based in Gurgaon. They have a beautiful selection of theme- and mood-based chocolates to choose from. If you’re feeling a serious case of Monday Blues, you can opt for ‘All Things Monday’, which is a combination of healthy nuts and maple syrup that is guaranteed to boost your spirits. There’s also ‘All Things Tropical’, with a divine passion fruit filling that will leave you begging for more. Moreover, all their chocolates are made with premium quality cocoa. Their packaging is also exquisitely done. We must say, they have a killer eye for taste.

SHOP NOW: All Things (starting at Rs 335)
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2. Earth Loaf

Earth Loaf is a decadent artisanal chocolate enterprise based in Mysore. It is run by David Belo and Angelika Anangnostou, who came to India from London to give us the joy of chocolate that is actually good for you. This chocolate brand takes hand-crafting very seriously. Their chocolates are all made from cacao that is specially obtained from Karnataka’s Varanashi Farms and some parts of Kerala. The wrapping, which is a treat to look at, is printed by hand by artisan workers from Mysore. Their collection includes chocolate shells in flavours like Chai Masala and Tiramisu, Raw Dark Chocolate, Truffles, Smoked Salt, Apricot, and lots more!

SHOP NOW: Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw Chocolate (starting at Rs 190)
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MASON & CO_Hauterfly

3. Mason & Co

Mason & Co is based in the kitschy little town of Auroville. Headed by husband and wife duo Jane and Fabien, Mason & Co was one of the first to dabble in the bean-to-bar concept. Their chocolates are vegan and their cocoa is sourced from local farmers specialising in organic produce. The packaging is sleek and glossy and only adds to the experience. Their flavours range from Dark, Bitter Sweet and Semi Sweet to Peanut Butter, Espresso, Peppermint and more. If you’re even remotely interested in the arena of chocolate-making, they provide you with consulting services too. How cool is that?

SHOP NOW: Mason & Co (starting at Rs 295)
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