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India Skills Report 2021 Shows Women Are More Employable Than Men. Finally, The Gender Gap In Employment Is Improving!

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Not one to brag, but when it comes to advocating for women and their achievements or even their capability, one would always find me at the forefront with a mic in hand. Like now, this recent study that says women are more employable in comparison to men has me all giddy and pumped with the possibility of narrowing the gender gap in employment further.

A great news for all women in India, the report that has been shared and prepared by Wheebox, in partnership with Taggd, CII and AICTE, AIU and UNDP and has shown that 46.8% women are employable in India as opposed to 45.91% men as per the India Skills Report (ISR) 2021.

This report is a result of an assessment of over 65,000 employees across India, who appeared for the Wheebox National Employability Test (WNET) and over 150 corporates across 15 industries who participated in the India Hiring Intent survey.

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The finding of this research revealed that the number of women who went ahead to enroll themselves in college and degree programmes over the years has substantially increased. The highest sector to record this change has been recognised to be the Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) making up to 46% of the employable talent in this industry. Meanwhile the percentage of female employees in the internet business makes up for 39%.

Nirmal Singh, Founder and CEO, Wheebox commented on the study and said, “Finally gender gap in employability is improving with the Indian digital revolution. One great structural change we found is that women’s participation is higher than in the previous five years. Women consist of 36 percent of the workforce, while men comprise 64 percent of all workers.”

The findings of the study are encouraging considering women had always been pressured to take up the duties of a household, but as time passes, things are changing. Women are carving their way into all fields and the stats are a testament to that growing change in the gender dynamics.

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