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India Gets An All-Woman SWAT Team!

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The movies have ruined female agents for us. There are barely any female agents doing anything of merit. In the movies, these agents pour themselves into very stretchy pants and fight off people without a hair out of place. So, not much to look upto. 

But, that’s all set to change. India just got its first all-woman Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team for anti-terrorist operations.These are women have undergone 15 months of rigorous training. Armed with MP5  submachine guns and Glock 21 pistols, all the members of the force are also well-versed in Israeli Krav Maga, an unarmed combat style.

The unit was formally inducted on Friday, 10th August and members of the team will be deployed at strategic areas requiring high levels of security. India is one of the few countries to have an all-woman SWAT team; most countries don’t have one because of the intense training required. 

The squad has 36 women commandos and all of them are from the North East. 


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