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In UP, A Man Ripped Open His Pregnant Wife’s Stomach Because He Didn’t Want Another Daughter. We Really Hate Our Women

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My parents always told me that they prayed for a girl child. That despite the beliefs our country holds against daughters, they always knew they wanted one. Sadly, it’s an unpopular preference. The fact is that not all families are happy with a girl child and will go to no end to ensure they aren’t saddled with a daughter. This includes making sure the foetus doesn’t see the light of day aka female foeticide. This UP man, for instance, ripped open his pregnant wife’s stomach to check the baby’s gender. Have you heard of anything as horrid and sickening as this? 

We live in a country where sons are revered and daughters are considered burdens. The entire concept has always baffled me but this blind faith has now turned into a vicious cycle. Having a daughter is considered unlucky and an unnecessary expense. So a lot of people, especially in states like UP and Haryana, don’t even give the girl a chance to grow up. This happens more often than not, especially in the interiors of our country. And despite leaps that we’ve been taking, this obsession that India has with sons has not abated. 

The most recent and well, absolutely horrifying incident took place in UP. A father of five daughters was so desperate to have a son that he slashed his wife’s stomach to determine the gender of their unborn child. Who needs a law to deem sex-determination illegal when people have knives? 

Pannala, slit his six or seven-month pregnant wife’s stomach with a sharp-edged weapon to ensure she was going to deliver a son after delivering 5 daughters. Needless to say, she was horribly injured in the attack. The woman was rushed to a Bareilly hospital in a serious condition. The family said that he did this to know whether she was carrying a female foetus. An FIR has been lodged against Pannalal and the police are still looking into the matter. 

What kind of a sane person does this? To fulfil his dream of having a son he put his wife and that unborn child’s life in danger. Besides, has this family never heard of the term population explosion? Because to me, it seems like they are making the wife keep popping out kids until a son comes along. It’s messed up and problematic on every level. When will people understand that women are more than baby vending machines? And that no matter how much society tortures us to produce sons, it’s not a choice that people have. What’s so difficult about this? 

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For too long, society has clung onto the belief that women are burdens on their families. Like we are liabilities in every way. It’s time to overthrow that problematic belief system. 

This disturbing case of domestic violence intertwined with female foeticide is proof enough that our society is still obsessed with having sons and eradicating daughters. We are still standing neck-deep in that muck. It’s no wonder that various studies have shown that our gender ratio is all skewed. If a man can cut into his pregnant wife’s stomach to see the gender of his unborn child, they can do anything.  

It’s extremely worrisome to think about the future for girls in this country. It should scare you. Which is why it’s important to put an end to this horrendous and monstrous behaviour and let go of this fixation that only sons can bring glory to a family. Give your daughters a chance. Equality will take you a long way. This animalistic behaviour won’t. 

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