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In Ratlam, A MLA Threatened A Woman Officer Because She Made Them Wait. Egotistical Much?

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No matter what they are promising or what’s on their manifesto, the only thing that is certain when it comes to Indian politicians is that we are going to be served a buttload of misogyny. If you’ve ever wondered why crimes against women are surging the way they are, it’s because the people in positions of authority, the ones who are tasked with keeping us safe, can’t see beyond their own personal agendas and patriarchal beliefs. I mean if a politician from MP can say that there is no point increasing the marriage age for women since they can reproduce at 15, we can’t really be surprised at their derogatory behaviour towards women. And merely days after this happened, today, we get reports of another politician from MP, who was caught on camera, aggressively threatening a woman officer in the Ratlam district. Can we stop electing such misogynists to our government? 

This incident took place in Ratlam district on Sunday. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Congress MLA Harsh Vijay Gehlot can be seen aggressively threatening the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM), Kamini Thakur. Needless to say, it happened for a very petty reason. 


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You see, Gehlot and a large number of Congress workers held a tractor rally on Sunday to oppose the Centre’s three farm laws. When they reached the SDM’s office to hand over the memorandum, she was late in coming out to receive it. Hence, sparking Gehlot to threaten her. 

In the video, circulating online he says, “You are a woman. Had you been a man I would have held you by the collar and then handed the memorandum to you.” Further adding, “We are waiting here for a long time. I am a public representative of my constituency. I won the election because people voted for me but you don’t treat us seriously.”

Okay, so what if he had to wait for a bit? Gehlot’s fragile male ego couldn’t handle waiting for a woman. It’s ridiculous. These politicians really need to learn how to behave around women. No one is expecting them to march in feminism parades in Ratlam or anywhere, but the least they can do is not threaten a woman. That’s petty and it reflects on their egotistical attitudes.

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