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In Odisha, A Woman Was Stripped Naked And Beaten Up By Her In-Laws Over Dowry Issues

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Whenever my mother and I sit down to talk about marriage, my marriage in particular, she often goes on to talk about how when a woman gets married and sent off to her husband’s house, it is the beginning of a new innings in her life. And I imagine that this is how it goes in most household. Women are often told that after marriage, she gains a new set of parents. No one tells her that she will be harassed for dowry, that there will be systemic abuse and what not. But it’s no surprise when cases like this emerge, w just don’t expect them to be this brutal. Like this recent one, where a woman was allegedly stripped naked and beaten by her in-laws.

An incident that has come to light after the video of this woman being beaten up by her in-laws has gone viral on the internet. The woman here, is a 24-year-old who can be seen being beaten up by her in-laws in Odisha’s Kendrapara district, and all this for dowry.

The complaint has been filed with the local police station by the woman’s uncle, after which a probe was launched to investigate into the matter. Inspector of Nikirai police station, Kabuli Barik has mentioned that apparently while the woman was being beaten, some residents of the Koruk village tried to intervene and stop the harassment.

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However, the family members did not stop or pay attention to anyone, as they continued to beat and harass the woman over not fulfilling their demands of dowry. The incident has sent chills down our spines, to know that people are willing to drop every last shred of humanity for dowry and hit their own daughter-in-law.

As of now, the woman’s statement has been recorded. He further added that her in-laws have apparently fled the village and a special police team has been constituted to hunt them down and arrest them for their offences.  We hope the offenders are soon caught and given appropriate punishment for their crimes.

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