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In MP, A Man Was Asked To Marry Off His Minor Daughter For Accidentally Running Over A Calf. Cows Over Women, Clearly

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Men, in our society, are above all. I don’t know why they deserve to occupy the top status in the pyramid, but they seem to be like the invaders who seize a kingdom and forcefully become the ruler. They exploit women and expect us to be their slaves. Of course, I will never generalise and say all men are like that but those non-sexist guys are so rare. Currently, women are languishing at the bottom, low on the list of priorities, right there with climate change, possibly. At this point, even cows are safer in our country, as compared to women. And their lives are more important than ours. Maybe, after a while, they will even start voting and demand fair representation in our nation’s economy and judicial system.

Don’t get me wrong; I love animals and I care about their lives. I gave up on non-vegetarian food, for this very reason. But I would not stand the fact that women in our country are treated like livestock and sometimes, like currency. I was shocked to hear about the man in MP who almost gave away his 13-year-old daughter in marriage because he accidentally ran over a calf. Apparently, that’s our worth and purpose in the society.

A man in Kolhua village had accidentally run over a calf while riding his two-wheeler and of course, that ticked the entire village off and they demanded redemption. First, they made him take a ritualistic bath in Ganga and feed the elders of the village. I mean, it’s no surprise that anything and everything can be given a religious angle in India. So till then it was okay, since there was no harm done.

But the villagers refused to turn up at the feast. Please note, when a woman is assaulted or raped, none of these rakshaks show any interest in making the rapist suffer. Nobody protects us and our interests with such passion. Since, the calf was more precious than any woman to inhabit India, the Panchayat asked the man to give his daughter away in marriage, as redemption. They said “kanyadaan” was the only way for this man to absolve himself of his sins.

What will happen to his daughter, who is a minor and is getting traded like livestock? They don’t care because she isn’t a cow.

Thankfully, someone tipped the Pathariya police station and Women and Child Development (WCD) department about this illegal wedding to be taking place. They reached in time, and on confirming her age stopped the wedding. They even got a written undertaking from the family that they will not marry her off until she turns 18.

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While this one was saved, I can’t imagine the number of women and young girls who get sacrificed for the sins of men. Women are sold for money, they are given away as means to return a debt or a favour. What are we, commodities? Equity? If it were upto them they would pay tax by renting out our vagina. Such a shame!

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