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In Indore, This 11-Year-Old Boy Murdered A Girl Because She Beat Him At A Game. We Need To Teach Our Boys Better

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If you have been following Hauterfly, then you know that we do not shy away from having difficult conversations. Unlike most people. We address rapes, domestic violence, the oppressive nature of our patriarchal system and much more. But every now and then, we come across a story that leaves us completely dumbfounded. These are the stories that usually involve a heinous crime. Something that is too monstrous for me to put into words. Like an 11-year-old boy murdering a 10-year-old girl. Wait until you hear why he did that, it’s gruesome and it makes you stop to think about where we are going wrong while raising our boys. 

You see, this rather shocking incident took place in the Lasudia area of Indore in Madhya Pradesh on Monday. The girl, a student of grade 5, had left her house to go and pluck some flowers. When she didn’t return for a while her family members began looking for her. They found the minor girl lying dead in a plot near their house. Her head had been crushed with a stone. 

The police looked at the CCTV footage and questioned witnesses. Then they finally spoke to the 11-year-old boy who had been hiding in his bathroom ever since the crime. Upon questioning, the boy cracked and admitted to his crime.

He said that he committed this act of violence because he had harboured a grudge against her. You see, the kids would often play an online video game called Free Fire. The girl would always beat the boy and of course, he just couldn’t take it. 

According to the police though, the immediate trigger for his actions was the death of his pet rat. The boy told them that he suspected that the girl had killed his pet rat after they had an argument. When he had confronted her about this, she denied. He refused to believe her and confronted her again on Monday which resulted in the murder. 

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) HC Mishra has said that the boy will be sent to a correctional home until the investigation is over. 

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This kid might just be the sorest loser ever. The larger question that needs to be answered here is, what are we teaching our boys? He was so threatened and bothered by a girl defeating him at a measly online game that he murdered her. When boys grow up with this mentality, it translates into misogyny, sexism, domestic violence and even rape. This is extremely worrying. So yeah, I have to ask. What are the parents teaching their sons?

We should be alarmed by this. The kind of culture and environment that these boys are growing up in is teaching them to be misogynistic and threatened by the success of women. I mean,just take a look at what happened here. This kid murdered a young girl over a fucking game. Why was murder the first thing his mind went to? I think all young boys and girls at this very impressionable age must be mandated to attend counselling sessions. 

This is horrific.

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