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In Gujarat, This Swami Said Women Will Be Born As Female Dogs If They Cook While On Their Period. Oh, FFS!

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We take the words of self-proclaimed gurus with a pinch of salt. Mainly because they make no sense and if you listen to them, you’re lending your ear to a bunch of hogwash. And though they may have a huge following, in fact more so because they do, their misogyny should be ignored. But then again, it’s difficult to ignore them when the things they say are so utterly nonsensical.

We are talking about this today because Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir has claimed (in a clip from a year ago but that has re-emerged) that ‘A man or any person who cooks food made by a menstruating woman, will be born as an ox in his next birth and a woman who cooks on her period, will be born as a bitch (as in female dog) in her next birth.’

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Look, don’t get me started. If this Swami says I should chill by a pool and sip cocktails when I am on my period, I will happily do that. Except I have my in-laws and husband who want to eat my food, whether I am on my period or not, and I imagine they are not too happy about this entire recommendation.

In fact, because we didn’t want to just report things, we wanted to actually research this, we tried to speak to a few oxes and bitches (not of the asshole colleague kind) about how they ended up like this in this birth. However, most of them refused to comment on this. The oxes simply walked away and a few bitches barked at us, but none confirmed or denied anything.

Just in case you think that the “swami” was pulling this out of his ass, he said, “You can feel whatever you want but these rules have been out in the ‘shashtras’ (spiritual texts).”

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Between cramps, time-of-the-month tenderness (read: mood swings, irritability, fatigue, breast pain) and all the other annoying things you have to deal with when you have your period, it just doesn’t seem fair that in 2018, we still have to contend with period shame. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The shame we have felt since we got our first periods, shame from the inherent lies we’ve been told and we tell ourselves, and the shame we feel from others. Oh, and let’s not forget the shame society places on us. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The awkwardness, embarrassment, mystery, misunderstanding, feelings of low self-esteem, the shush, shush, shushing and the top secret-ness of it all are the drivers of this never-ending shame spiral. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So where does period shame come from? Check out today's blog to find out why #periodshame isn't normal! (link in bio) 📷: @diemenstruationsbeauftragte #periodgirl . . . . . #personalgrowth #healthcoach #doula #fertilitycoach #womenswellness #womenshealth #loveyourladyparts #periodpositive #balancehormones #biohacking #periodpower #normalizeperiods #periodproblems #pms #pmdd #menstruationmatters #naturalfertility #fixyourperiod #functionalmedicine #love #womenentrepreneurs #womeninbiz #selfcare #fertilityproblems #womenempoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #wellness #healthyliving

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But why are we talked about this random baba today? Really, because surely this doesn’t deserve headlines. Oh, it is because this “swami” belongs to the same sect that owns the Shri Sahjanand Girls’ Institute (SSGI) in Bhuj. Yes, this is the same place where women were asked to strip down to their underwear to check if they were on their periods. So you see where this is coming from? Misogyny is so rampant, and period shaming is so common, that it shouldn’t come as a surprise – it comes from the same stable.

We don’t know what about periods scares the fuck out of men and women but my god, their reaction is so extreme that at this point, instead of being shocked, we are just amused.

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