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In Gujarat, The Number Of Women Drinkers Has Doubled In Last 5 Years

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One of the best part about my job, apart from getting paid to write what I strongly feel about, is getting in the know of a lot of fun facts on the daily. Being on top of every trend, every news and always up to date has a kick in itself, one that we hope to pass on to everyone who reads our articles. Like today, when we found out that the Gujarat, the number of alcohol consumers among women have remarkably increased in the past 5 years, as opposed to those in men.

Seems like, women have taken a lead in consuming alcohol in the dry state of Gujarat, as their numbers have increase twofold in last 5 years. Revealed by a study that was conducted by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS), 2019-20 report where a a total of 33,343 women and 5,351 men were surveyed during the year, the stats have emerged as quite a shocker.

The study elaborates that of these 200 women (0.6%) and 310 men (5.8%) claimed that they consumed alcohol against 68 women (0.3%) and 668 men (11.1%) during the 2015 NFHS survey when 6,018 men and 22,932 women were questioned for the survey.

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In fact, Sociologist Gaurang Jani says, “Drinking liquor is deep rooted among several communities in the state. It is a custom in these communities, where both men and women sit together and drink on special occasions. Our tribal population is an example, and in certain communities as well. It only became a crime in over half a century.”

Meanwhile an IPS officer gave a contrasting opinion on the stats for he happened to mentioned that the number might be underestimated as many don’t reveal their drinking habits. He said, “Many people will not reveal their liquor status as it’s a crime in the state. But the number of permit holders and the increasing liquor raids will reveal the true picture.”

The same study also suggests that the number of tobacco users in women has also increased by 1.3% while they have decreased in case of men by 10.3%.

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