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In Gujarat, A Man Having An Affair With A Married Woman Ends Up In A Smelly Gutter

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If there is anything that scares the wit out of me, other than my father’s temper, it has to be karma. Not to sound too superstitious, but I have always believed in the saying that says, ‘you reap what you sow’. Or as Justin Timberlake would like to put it – what goes around, comes around. Whether it is sending bad energy into the world, or doing a selfless good deed for someone, the universe has its way of paying you back in full, and I am convinced of the saying especially after finding out how a man having an affair with a married woman landed himself in a literal gutter because of it.

Jeevna Rathod, who probably knew deep down that getting involved in an affair with a married woman would only mean trouble, recently had a nasty rendezvous with the gutter after he was thrashed by his married girlfriend’s brothers, wrapped in a blanket and thrown in a gutter.

The 29-year-old man, spent or rather survived almost 24 hours in that stinky, disgusting sewer in a beaten up state, and was lucky to have been heard by two men passing by, who then came to his rescue. Afterwards, it was found out that Jeevna was actually a resident of Chiklod village in Kapadwanj taluka of Kheda, as he was being taken to the hospital.

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Registering a complaint with the police for abduction, assault, criminal intimidation and abetment against the assaulters Sanjay Parmar and Dharmendra Parmar, Jeevna has decided to take action against the brothers of his married girlfriend, who under the pretext of talking to him, took him to a secluded place, beat him black and blue, shoved him in a sack and dumped him in a gutter.

According to reports, the affair between Jeevna and the woman started almost two years ago, where Jeevna (a farmer) would often make calls to the woman, identified as Lakshmi. It was when Lakshmi’s brothers Sanjay and Dharmendra found out, that they started threatening Jeevna, who didn’t take it seriously. Of course all that was well, didn’t end well, and considering he was in a relationship with a married woman, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming.

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