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In Delhi, A Man Flashes His Private Parts At A Woman In Delhi Metro. Unfortunately, This Isn’t The First Time, And Not The LAst

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Living in a metropolitan city like Delhi often comes at a cost, and that cost for most of us is the time that we spend, or actually allow me to rephrase, waste, being stuck in the traffic. With thousands of cars on the road every hour of every day, even travelling a distance of 3 kms sometimes takes good one hour and slowly but surely, patience is a commodity that’s become scarce. And to imagine, in a scenario like this, where Delhi roads are most of the times always jam packed, living 40 kms away from your place of work is like being cursed. Which is why, to avoid as much traffic as possible, I make use of the metro here. But even that doesn’t come without sacrifice, for the thing we end up giving up here is personal space, and in horrible times like this, our faith in the society, as a man recently flashed a woman in the Delhi Metro.

Like anyone who travels through the Metro rail in Delhi, including me, we are always in abundance of stories to share that start with us boarding the overflowing train and end with us rolling our eyes to the far corners of our skull with the kind of experiences we end up having. From being groped, pushed and passed remarks at, the metro or any other mode of public transport puts you at the mercy of scary men who will do anything to touch a woman.  Even after numerous efforts made by the Metro personnel, this is still one of the most threatening places for women – you’ve to steel yourself because you’re going to be grabbed, groped and assaulted.

And we say this after hearing one such incident from a metro commuter, who was the unfortunate victim to a man who decided to flash his private parts at her, as she was travelling in the yellow line of Delhi Metro. Taking to twitter to reiterate the horrifying incident, that left her and us disturbed, she wrote, “This man(right, grey jacket+backpack) flashed his p***s at me inside #Delhi Metro around 6 PM while I was returning from work today. Feel shaken, numb and angry. Didn’t even remember I had taken this pic till I spoke to a friend hours later.”

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Talking further and giving out the details of the incident, she wrote, “I was sitting on the 2-seater at the end of 7th coach returning to Gurgaon on the Yellow Line and this man was standing facing me for quite some time. I don’t know when he turned to bring his right profile to face me. I just saw his p***s outside of his pant directed at me.” Talk about unsolicited dick-pics, this guy went one up to give the girl an unsolicited and even more disgusting dick-flash.

She continued saying, “I can recall the numbness and dread I felt all over my body when I saw it and looked away. He was carrying that bag in front of his p***s to hide it from the front. He stayed at that position for maybe a minute while my eyes were glued to the floor.” Adding more details to the incident she also wrote, “Then he moved towards the door. I don’t recall taking this pic and I can’t recall the station we were around. The picture details say it was taken at 6:11 PM and the location marked is Sultanpur water treatment plant. But I don’t know at which station this man got off. I just know that he did not get off from the door infront of which he is standing in the pic. He walked towards the other side of the coach and I did not see him.”

We are irate. We are annoyed but then again, we know this isn’t the first time this has happened. And sadly, it’s not going to be the last time as well. This has probably happened to a lot of women. And like Rashmi, a lot of us, shocked at the audacity of the guy, go numb and will look away. We’re embarrassed. Oh we know we shouldn’t be, but every woman will relate to Rashmi’s reaction.

From roads to public transport, nothing is safe for women and it doesn’t just disheartens us, it leaves us out of options on how to deal with this growing disregard for women and laws. The woman however, didn’t just stop at feeling disgusted and numb, she went up to take this matter to the authorities. She shared, “Approached Ghitorni Metro Police Station around 9:30 this morning. There was no lady constable there, but the male head constable present there was cordial and took the details and the picture from me, said he will forward it to trace it. But, he told he can’t file an FIR.”

She then updated and added, “I called up the women’s helpline to ask where one should file an FIR in this case and she forwarded my complaint to the respective police station. Weirdly, Just received a call from the Ghitorni Police Station who informed me the complaint will be filed with them. A sub-inspector from Ghitorni Police Station is on his way to file my complaint.”

We hope that the matter, that is supposedly being addressed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and the Ghitorni Police will be looked into seriously to find the accused, so that he can be booked for is inappropriate behaviour and made an example out of, for other people to learn from. And until then, dear men, can you please keep it in our pants?

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