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In China, Woman Finds That Her Son’s Bride Is Her Long-Lost Daughter. But The Wedding Goes On

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That anything can happen in this world was a fact that was well proven in the year 2020 itself, when we were all bogged down by a virus that allegedly came to be after a man in a country somewhere ate bat soup, or so we believe. That, and the kind of year that followed where we were locked up in our homes, life during the pandemic is a pendulum oscillating between miracles and shocks. And considering the kind of news we’ve come across where a woman found her long lost daughter in the most unlikeliest of circumstances, we are sure that not much has changed in 2021.

In an incident that we can’t quite pin as a miracle or a shock, a woman attending her son’s wedding in China, found her long lost daughter and while that seems great, it sucks in some way because it was the bride herself! In Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China on March 31, the woman was attending her son’s wedding when she noticed something on the bride’s hand.

Taking note of an unusual but a familiar birthmark, the mother of the groom grew curious of the bride, the moment she spotted that birthmark on her hand. Without wasting any more time, as the woman approached the bride’s parents, she inquired them whether or not they adopted the bride over 20 years ago.

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Shocked at being asked this, for it was a well-kept secret for them, the parents of the bride admitted to having found a baby girl by the roadside several years ago whom they brought up as their own daughter. In that very moment, realising who the bride really was, the mother of the groom burst into tears, for she had just found her long lost daughter.

The bride, upon finding out about the revelation started crying too, wanting to know more about her birth parents. She called the moment of finding out who her biological mother was, as “happier than the wedding day itself.” The mother in law then shared how when she was lost, they tried to search for her for years, but found no luck until this very day. And while it was a euphoric moment to celebrate the meeting of estranged mother and daughter, the fact remained that she could not marry her own elder brother now.

Except, there was yet another twist to the story. Turns out, since the groom was also adopted after they had lost their daughter, the two could after all marry each other without having to worry about incest. The mother of the groom said that there would be no problem in their marriage as they were not biological siblings. As the wedding then proceeded, the two families celebrated with a greater feeling of joy and relief, for they had more than one thing to be grateful for.

Meanwhile, we are still grasping the multiple relationships in the the story, that might as well get adapted into a motions picture by a Bollywood director. Guess, miracles do still happen, no matter how shocking they are!

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