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In Bhopal, A Man Was Arrested For Raping A Cow. Maybe It Was What The Cow Was Wearing

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There are two rules when it comes to sex- always get consent and make sure both people involved are actually, well, people. I didn’t even think I would have to write that second sentence. What’s so difficult about understanding that? I feel like most men subconsciously believe that because they are in possession of a penis, they can “do” whatever they like. Yes, I am talking about the only clause in Section 377 that makes the hair on the back of our necks stand- beastality. It’s gross, vile and frankly, the frequency with which we hear stories about men raping cows this is alarming. 

They are cows, for crying out loud. We keep complaining that in our country, cows are better protected than women. But that’s not true. What is true is that a large chunk of the male population have lost their sense of empathy and are on their way to becoming monsters. How out of touch with reality do you have to be to not know that raping a cow is probably the worst of the worst things you can do?

The latest incident occurred at a dairy in Sundar Nagar in Bhopal on 4th July at 4 am. The man went into the dairy and went ahead to have unnatural sex with a cow.

The accused is a man identified as 55-year-old Sabir Ali. This ghoulish incident only came to light after the cops examined the nearby CCTV cameras. 

Alok Srivastava, Ashoka Garden Police Station In-Charge, Bhopal told ANI, “On July 4, a man named Sabir Ali, 55 entered a diary in Sundar Nagar. The dairy owner Ram Yadav caught him but later allowed him to go. The next day, Yadav checked CCTV footage and found Ali doing an unnatural act (sex) with the cow.” 

He further added that Sabir Ali has been arrested after Ram Yadav has filed a complaint against him under Section 377 for beastality. 

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As is normally the case, we are tempted to ask, ‘what was the cow wearing?’, or why was it alone at 4am? The stuff that’s asked to women who get raped.

If you think that this is the first of its kind, you can’t be further from the truth. Earlier this year, a 33-year-man from Kannur district in Kerala raped a cow and tortured it until it died. The man was identified as Sumesh who raped the two-year-old calf after tying it to a tree. The calf died of strangulation. 

In another incident from just two months ago, an FIR was registered against a man from Madhya Pradesh after a video of him raping a cow went viral. 

I would ask what is wrong with mankind, but unfortunately, we will never know. Seriously though, if you’re horny find a woman and get consent. Hell, if you don’t have a woman you can always pay one to do your bidding. It’s not ideal (or well, legal) but at this point, it sounds like better option. Just let me get this straight. So, anything that moves and has a hole is at risk of getting raped? Is that it? Although seriously, what do we have to do so that these men will stop raping? And I am talking about women and cows. 

You know, for a country run by a cow-fanatic government we don’t do a very good job of keeping our cows any safer then we do our women.

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