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In Bengaluru, This Woman Was Sexually Assaulted In A Bus By The Conductor. Her Presence Of Mind Got Him Arrested. She’s So Brave

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The other day I was watching Little Women in the theatre and I was surprised how the young girl feels so safe going to an old man’s house while he is by himself, to play the piano. If this was India, no mother would allow that. I am not saying all men are sexual assaulters here but the number is so huge that we don’t want to take that risk. When we are returning home late, we are alert and look at every single guy on the road with suspicion. In public transport, we guard our bodies with our bag and scan the men around for potential gropers.

It’s really that common, right? Sexual harassers are aplenty and the good guys so few, that they have to really prove themselves to us. Even if we go on a first date and it’s going pretty well, we don’t know if we can end the night in their house. Who knows, we might get raped and killed? It sucks to live in such mistrust but can we be blamed?

Most of us have dealt with sexual harassment at some point, but several women don’t take any action – out of fear and shame. I don’t blame them but if we don’t brave up, these perpetrators will continue to hurt other women and be unapologetic about it. Which is why, when this woman from Bengaluru took it in her hands to teach her assaulter a lesson, I was so proud.

The 21-year-old girl was travelling from Bengaluru to Hassan in a KSRTC bus. As reported by Times Of India, the girl revealed, “The conductor came and sat next to me when the bus was near Solur. Later, he started touching me inappropriately. He warned me that if I raise an alarm, I’ll only be tainted. I recorded his acts on my mobile phone. When he learnt I’d recorded it, he snatched my phone and took my number. He asked me to keep in touch with him.” She further added, “Near Belur Cross, I got up and slapped him. I got down and took another bus to Hassan.”

I applaud her courage and presence of mind, for being able to record the video, even in such a situation. She even slapped him but that’s too small a punishment for a shameless man like that. The young girl wasn’t going to let him go so easily and she made sure he got arrested in Bengaluru.

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A police officer said (as reported by TOI), “The woman forwarded the video to her parents and friends as soon as she got into another bus. She returned to Bengaluru on Sunday. She, her parents and friends waited near Yeshwantpur that night for the bus to return from Hassan. They caught the conductor and handed him over to police after thrashing him black and blue.”

Most of these sexual harassers gather the confidence because they feel they can silence the women they abuse. They feel they won’t have to pay for their actions and often, it’s like that. But it’s changing and women are standing up against sexual abuse.

When I was 15 and was travelling in a local bus for the first time, a middle-aged man stood next to me and sneakily started touching my shoulders. Initially, I thought it’s his bag that was poking me but he was touching me with his fingers. I was young and scared but I was also really, really furious. I yelled at that man in the maximum volume I could and I let the entire bus know of his shameful act. That’s when he got off the bus. I feel it would have been better if I had taken him to police station but at least I raised my voice against it, at such a tender age.

If we stay quiet, it will only encourage them to do this to more women. It’s not our shame, it’s theirs. Look at this conductor’s audacity, telling the girl if people find out, her character will get tainted!

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The conductor has been identified as Esubu Ali Tallura, 33 and according to reports, has been suspended by KSRTC.


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