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In An Horrifying Ordeal, This Man Was Arrested For Raping An 86-Year-Old Woman In Delhi. Where Is Our Sense Of Humanity?

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India is a country that largely runs on social norms, traditions and ‘sanskaar’. The very first thing we are taught is to respect our elders. Touch their feet, get their blessings and always make them a priority. We are told to give treat them with admiration no matter what. However today, after reading about a rape case where the victim was an 86-year-old woman, my faith in humanity is a little shaken. 

I write about a lot of rape cases. There is one at least every two or three days (that itself is a huge problem). But today, when I was reading about this disturbing ordeal, my heart sank into my toes. An 86-year-old woman was raped. And the worst part is that people are still only interested in what Rhea Chakraborty has to say for herself. It’s unbelievable. 

Anyway, the incident took place on Monday evening in south-west Delhi’s Chhawla region, when the elderly woman was on her way to a nearby village. On her way, she met the accused, 37-year-old Sonu. On the pretext of dropping her to her destination, he took her to a deserted field and raped her.  

According to the woman, she was waiting for the milkman to come around 5pm on Monday. But instead, Sonu showed up and told her that the milkman would not come today but he could drop her to a place where she would get milk. Under this false pretext, he took her to an isolated field. 

Delhi is highly unsafe for women, it’s not a secret. But congratulations guys, we have reached rock bottom. This is honestly one of the most horrifying things that could’ve happened and I am saying this while we are in the middle of a pandemic. This is messed up. 

The Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) called it an “extremely disturbing” case. The women’s rights panel said, “The woman kept crying and pleading that she was of his grandmother’s age. The perpetrator assaulted her brutally when she tried to resist him and raped her.” 

The woman was rescued by local villagers who came to her aid after hearing her cries. They caught the perpetrator and called the policed. According to the DCW, the woman was bleeding and in extreme trauma. Her son has been informed and her medical examination revealed multiple bruises and injuries on her body. 

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DCW chief, Swati Maliwal who met the elderly woman on Tuesday said, “From a six-month-old girl to a 90-year-old woman, no one is safe in Delhi. The kind of trauma this woman had to face clearly indicates that the perpetrators of these crimes are not humans. I met the woman today, she is an extremely courageous woman. We will ensure she gets justice. This case needs to be fast-tracked and justice should be served within six months.”  

I hope Swati Maliwal can get this fast-tracked but looking at our history, I highly doubt it. I mean, it took 8 years to execute Nirbhaya’s rapists and that was supposed to be fast-tracked too. 

I just don’t understand how that man looked at this 86-year-old woman and decided to do what he did. How monstrous do you have to be to even think like that? It’s disgusting and extremely disturbing. What I understand from this is that men have zero shame. They rape not because they are horny but because they can and want to exert that force. Besides, this case proves that women don’t get raped because they were wearing something that showed their legs or cleavage. So, what other ridiculous thing are they going to blame this on? 

This is fucking outrageous. 

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