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Poverty Is A ‘State Of Mind’, Says Indian Influencer. Netizens Are Not Having It

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The only few things keeping me alive these days, apart from my daily binge on Instagram of dog videos and reruns of the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is my weekly rant for friends and my boyfriend- something that is a cleansing ritual. I don’t bottle anything inside, the frustration from work, family, friends and un-fulfilled commitments, all of the stress is comes out in an angry tirade in front of my confidantes. And while my rants sometimes make sense, and at other times are only plain spite, I never put this on a public platform.

In a world where people suffer all day, every day, with problems that are far more real and important like violence, crime and poverty, it is imperative to keep ourselves in check and be grateful for the privileged lives we get to live. A concept that flew right past a social media influencer, who recently landed herself plum in the middle of a social media outrage, after she described poverty as only a ‘state of mind‘.

Uh Oh..

In one of her rants in front of her strong 90,000 followers on Instagram, Nimisha Verma drew quite a lot of backlash from the netizens as she talked, completely incorrectly, about poverty and privilege.

The 29 second video clip starts and ends with Nimisha making points that weren’t just senseless but also tone deaf, demeaning and coming from the very place of privilege and entitlement that she goes on to defend in her rant. Poorly, of course.

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The starts with her saying, “I feel so weird about it when someone says, ‘Oh that kid on the street doesn’t have enough clothes…underprivileged,’ and I’m like, How do you get to decide that someone is underprivileged? Just because you have more clothes?”  Only, that isn’t where she stopped.

She adds, “Resources are unlimited. You have been programmed to believe that resources are limited and that people who have less of it are underprivileged and who have more of it are evil people or bad people.” And to top it all up, she ends her questionable rant by saying, “You’re just feeling miserable about yourself because of your own limitations. Your mindset is limited. Nobody is hoarding on anything.”

Now you see, the problem with what she said was multi-fold. From being ignorant, entitled, and by the looks of it – uninformed about a lot of general concepts like that of privilege, this is the problem with having an influence- it should be used carefully.  Millions of children and people starve to death in the absence of basic amenities that we enjoy in a way of luxury.

Turning a blind eye to the fact that resources in fact ARE limited, is only yet another way of showing how people with power and privilege can be thankless, arrogant and tone deaf to the lives of those who struggle every day. A sentiment that was unanimous from the netizens as they dismissed her for her ignorant rant. Guess, it wouldn’t hurt to get your facts right the next time..

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