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In A Online Love Triangle Gone Horribly Wrong, A Man Murdered A 6-Year-Old Girl And Attacked Her Mother. This Is Awful

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I don’t know what it is about men that makes them think they can treat women in whatever way they like. To them, we are merely objects they can control, manipulate and bend to their will. It would seem like men have fragile egos that come with an enormous amount of pride and I have seen enough cases of toxic masculinity to know that it lies dormant in some, and dominant in the others. Toxic masculinity is everything that is wrong with our society. Men can’t limit their anger so they treat the women around them like punching bags. It’s the reason we have such a heavy number of gender-based crimes including acid attacks and brutal rapes. 

And now, it seems like a 6-year-old child has lost her life because a man just could not control his aggression. Apparently, he went berserk when he saw another man in the house of a woman he met online and murdered her daughter. 

This gruesome incident took place in the Pocharamin Medchal district, near Hyderabad. According to reports, the woman befriended a man named Karunakar on Facebook, a few months ago. At the same time, she also met another man named Rajasekhar. 

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On Thursday, while her husband was out for work, Karunakar came to her house while Rajasekhar was already there. While Rajasekhar was hiding in another room, Karunakar insisted that he come out of hiding. He threatened to slit the woman’s 6-year-old daughter’s throat if Rajasekhar does not come out. Upon receiving no response from him, Karunakar acted on his threat. 

Rajasekhar came rushing outside when he heard the cries of the little girl and that’s when Karunakar attacked him. Rajasekhar ran out of the house. Then, Karunakar went on to attack the woman and then turned the knife on himself. 

However, when the police arrived they found him to be stable and took him into custody. The police have said that they are still looking into the matter and completing their investigation. 

Deputy Police Commissioner Rakshita Murthy told Bangalore Mirror that the woman is under treatment but is unable to talk. She also said that the husband is in a state of shock and that they are still investigating the matter. 

Wow, talk about affairs gone wrong. 

Whatever the matter was, there was no need for for this man to murder a child just to prove the woman he was with (we are not sure about the nature of his relationship) was having another affair. There are a lot of characters in this story, but it’s awful that a little girl had to pay the price for an online friendship gone sour. 

Jealousy and wrath are the worst of the seven deadly sins.

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