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In A Fit Of Rage, This Woman Poured Hot Oil On Her Husbands Face For Coming Home Late From Work

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Throughout 2020, the NCW and UN have been trying their best to raise awareness about domestic abuse. The coronavirus-induced lockdown left women in an extremely vulnerable state. And as much as that pains us, there is an aspect of domestic abuse that is often overlooked. You see, sometimes, men fall victim to an abusive woman. And that’s what happened recently in Madhya Pradesh. In a fit of rage, a woman poured hot oil on her husband’s face. It’s terrifying. 

According to the police, the woman identified as Shivkumari Ahirwar would have frequent arguments with her husband, Arwind Ahirwar. The reason for these arguments is that Arwind, who is a daily wage labourer, would often return home late from work. 

One such quarrel flared up on the night in question as well. Though their family members intertwined and pacified the situation, Shivkumari was still infuriated. At 5 am, while her husband was soundly asleep, she poured hot oil on his face. Hearing his screams, their family members rushed into their room and took Arwind to the hospital. 

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Later, a police complaint was registered against Shivkumari. TOI quoted a police officer saying, “They had an argument over returning late from work. She took the violent step in the morning when the whole family was sleeping.” 

Arwind is being treated at the Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar for the severe burn injuries he sustained. After the incident, Shivkumari’s brother said that she regrets her violent action of pouring hot oil on her husband. 

This is not the first case of domestic abuse that we have come across where the woman was the abuser. Shivkumari should be given the same sentence that a man would be given in her place. Anyway women are oppressed, women like her just make it worse for us all. This incident is terrifying and she definitely needs some anger management classes.

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