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Ileana D’Cruz Talks About Weight Gain, Her Relationship And Why She’s Quiet About It. And We Should Respect That

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My job is largely dominated by what or who is trending on social media and even as I type this out, I hit upon the realisation that it must really difficult for all the celebrities and influencers out there – they are the ones who have to constantly live under the scrutiny of the public eye, which let’s face it, extremely unforgiving. Be it news about their relationship, breakup, upcoming movie, travel, or even a slight weight gain or loss, there is hardly anything that doesn’t grab the attention of trolls. As has been the case with Baadshaho actress Ileana D’Cruz, who has been under a microscope ever since the rumors about her breakup have surfaced.

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Having always been one of the vocal ones in the industry, Ileana D’Cruz recently opened up about all the controversy and intrigue that has surrounded her since the time she discovered and talked about her dysmorphic disorder. The paps and media, have been unrelenting, blowing her weight gain out of proportion, shaming her for the extra kilos. Undeterred, Ileana has emerged above all this and is now a body positive ambassador. She’s concentrating on her work again. In an interview where she was asked about it, she said, “Work has been taking over most of my life. It feels great. It’s pretty much been work, work, work for me.” As it should be too.

Talking about the struggle and journey of accepting and loving her body during that phase, she further said, “I think the series of posts that I’ve done is because of the fact that it’s after a while, I’ve started to feel a lot more comfortable with where I am body-wise right now. Yes, I’ve been working on it, and I’m happy with the result.” The Baadshaho actress further admitted that, “I am getting there,” when asked about if she thinks she has attained that level of self-acceptance.

Also breaking the silence about her love life, the actress talked about why she has been so quiet about the various speculations being made about her relationship. She said, “I’ve never really spoken about my personal life, and for the simple reason that it’s not just about me… I feel it will be unfair to the other person if I’ve to talk about my personal life too much. I can say I’m in a great space, I am happy and I am super excited about my work.”

While talking about ‘unfollowing’ her boyfriend, an Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone and what it meant, she said, “I never ever meant to send out any kind of animosity or any kind of negativity out through a post. I am much bigger than that. I would never stoop that level. If I have something to say to someone, I would pick up the phone and say it, and not put up a post.”

Adding to which she continued saying, “I have been in a beautiful space. I am feeling stronger and happier than before and I am in this phase when I am learning to love myself a little more. And I feel that’s a good space to be in. I feel it’s a big step for me as someone who has dealt with so many issues, body issues and stuff… I’ve constantly put myself down. So I feel, for me, to be in this space, where I am learning to accept myself, is great.” And we not just agree, but send her more power to see herself through this.

It is never easy to fully accept yourself with all the flaws you may have, but as long you’re trying, you’re good to go. And that is exactly what Ileana D’Cruz  has done, coming a long way, on her own terms. She’s clearly back in the game!

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