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Ileana D’cruz Shares Breakup And Self-Love Quotes On Instagram. We Know What That Means And We Relate!

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Ileana D’cruz has always been cryptic when it comes to her relationships. After all these years, we still don’t know for sure whether she was married or just dating Andrew Kneebone. And all the speculation was based on her Instagram post in which she referred to him as hubby. Recently, we reported how she has unfollowed Andrew and deleted all their pictures from her feed. Now, we know that move too well to not understand what that means. If there’s one thing that confirms a breakup, then it has to be this!

You know how when we breakup and are going through a tough phase, it brings out the Rupi Kaur in all of us. Now, we may not have the art of creating such beautiful lines, but we scroll through our feed vigorously, looking for quotes that we can relate to. We save the really sad, heart-wrenching ones to read when we’re overthinking at night (come on, a sad girl needs her bedtime read!) However, then we realise we may be at a low point but these will make our ex feel like he really got us. So instead, we find those that really show how we are healing and focusing on self-love – while listening to Katy Perry’s Firework on loop. But is that really healing when you’re dedicating precious time to dig out these lines? Who cares? The heart wants what it wants. So we do it anyway and all our friends know that’s just a phase and soon she will get back to sharing stupid, silly memes instead. Of course, later we feel embarrassed and our bestie calls us lame AF, but she doesn’t disown us. Because she has been there too! That’s the exact phase, Ileana is in.

How do we know? Because she went ahead and shared a series of quotes that scream ‘I am dealing with a breakup but I am strong’. “In life, you’re going to lose friends, family and partners, but no matter who walks out of your life, never lose yourself. The most important thing is to learn how to do is to love yourself when you feel unloved by those around you and be there for yourself when you feel like you have no one,” the quote posted by Ileana read. There, there!

We know that our ex could be stalking us and at the back of our mind, every post is basically to build a storyline we want to project to him or her. So we post words that talk about how self-sufficient we are. Ileana shared another quote that read: “She kept a fire that burned fairy tales, knowing she is a story on her own.” This was not it; Ileana had more to express. So she shared her last quote of the series, that read: “Smile of heaven, with fire in her eyes.” I love it when celebrities aren’t afraid to put their vulnerable side out there. So we know they are just like any of us. Your popularity and financial status has nothing to do with the emotions you feel. But while it feels tough right now, and because we’ve all been there, done that – Ileana, you will be fine!

However, it seems like she can after all take life with a pinch of salt. Watch the hilarious video she shared a few weeks ago. It totally cracked us up!

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On the work front, Ileana D’Cruz will be next seen in Pagalpanti.

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