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Ileana D’Cruz Says Comedy Movies Are Bound To Unintentionally Offend People, We Don’t Quite Agree With Her

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If you think about it, the reason why people love Bollywood so much is because it produces movies on various levels, in every kind of genre. We have romantic movies, action-packed thrillers, historical biopics and the list goes on and on. But the one genre that Bollywood has truly excelled in, is slap-stick comedy, from Golmaal to Housefull we have really nailed that genre and how. But now, with the advent of widespread awareness about what is supposed to be deemed offensive and what is not, people have started nit-picking on these movies. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fabulous beginning of the change we are all fighting for. But obviously, it isn’t much fun for the actors who are constantly worried about offending someone.

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So, when Ileana D’Cruz said that comedy movies are going to unintentionally offend someone, we want to tell her no one sets out to offend anyone, unless it really is so. As much fun as leaving your brains aside and watching a funny movie for what it is – a fictional comedy, derogatory jokes and sexist comments is not the only way to induce humour. Even though you’ve said it unintentionally, people aren’t going to see it that way. Filmmakers and actors need to now be super conscious of what they are putting up on that big screen, because it is about time they realise humour doesn’t always have to come at the cost of sentiment.

Let’s go back two steps, shall we? On the brink of the release of her new comedy movie Pagalpanti, Ileana says that though she tries to choose clean comedy, it is bound to offend some people. “It’s art at the end of the day. You’re going to offend someone irrespective. Some people are just overtly touchy, but our intention is never to offend or disrespect anybody. But I suppose unintentionally someone will get offended… Anees ji doesn’t even need to go to that level to make people laugh or entertain people. He’s a brilliant writer, who’s just so sorted,” she said.

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And all I really wish was for someone to tell her that people aren’t overly touchy. If something in a movie is ticking off, it needs to be talked about. Mind you, talked and not joked. How else are we going to ever be able to correct the wrong? That isn’t being “overly touchy” that is just being aware. Movies are art, but art doesn’t always have to offend, even unintentionally!

Ileana goes on to talk about how despite the high beauty standards that actresses are held to, she has never let her insecurities slip into her work. She says, “I’ve been brought up by extremely strong parents and was told to be a proud person and never lose my individuality. Somewhere along the lines maybe I had my insecurities as a person but somehow that hasn’t spilled into my work. When it comes to my work, I am super secure. I could be working with 20 actors and I’m fine because I know I am myself and different. It’s fine.” I don’t know of many actresses who can say this and actually mean it, so kudos Ileana.

Her latest movie, Anees Bazmee’s Pagalpanti is all set to hit theaters on 22nd November. Let’s hope it doesn’t “unintentionally” offend us!

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