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IIM Rohtak Has Recruited 69% Women Students In This Academic Year. This Business School Is Ready To Tackle Gender Disparity And We Love It

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One of the main reasons I feel so deeply attached and attracted to my team here at Hauterfly is that after a long. long time, that I able to experience what working with an all-women team really feels like. In a world full of work spaces dominated by men and testosterone, coming to Hauterfly felt like balance has been restored, even if only a little bit and it was exactly the kind of motivation one needed to work.  And, despite claims of how much of a change has been brought about with respect to gender inequality, there is still a gaping difference in opportunities and pay that is made available to men and women.

However, while on one hand society and it’s people are resisting every little change being made in the direction of equality, on the other hand there are reputed colleges like IIM Rohtak, that are determined to change the narrative and bring down glass ceilings. Because if women are not showing up at B-schools, they are being put at a disadvantage. And IIM Rohtak Is changing that. They have a fabulous 69% female students for their new academic year.

The director of the institute, Dheeraj Sharma said, “Among all IIMs and Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), 69% female students in a batch is a record and a very positive development.” He further continued to share how this time as they were set to empower women, they tried to make it happen by, “Reaching out to the female candidates over phone and email and then ensured that they got study loans from five banks within 48 hours.”

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Leading by example, IIM Rohtak is giving its older counterparts tough competition when it comes to gender diversity. Discussions about why more women aren’t pursuing education in the country’s top B schools are often met with dismissive shrugs if that, or just brushed under the carpet. Which is why this is a step in the right direction. And this might just be the push that further encourages other schools and colleges to follow suit. Back in 2016, when the admission rate for women was at just 6%, to now have leaped onto an impressive 69% is  a cause to celebrate.

Dheeraj Sharma also shared, “We made a conscious decision to move out of the common admission process of second-generation IIMs and have decided to invest 25% more time for each course to do away with any teaching-learning deficit an online mode of education may create.”

The college has enrolled a total of 260 students this year, 10% more than previous year and yearn to improve learning outcome this year by having progressive assessment parameters. The institute has a clean reputation of having almost 100% placement since last three years, and hopefully this time around it would too continue the streak. And of course, they will send plenty of women ready to take on the world, which is always a great development.

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