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If You’re A Short Girl, You Will Relate To All Of These Things

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Chota packet bada dhamaka” or “How is the weather down there?” are just a few of the things I heard a lot and while the person saying it feels like they’re hilarious and they’re true geniuses for thinking this up, I’d always heard it before . Every time someone said this to me, I wanted to sock them, but the unfortunate truth is, I probably wouldn’t be able to reach their face. We have to learn to adept to things that are a cakewalk for our taller counterparts! The struggle is real for someone who is generally closer to the ground. But the good part is, we aren’t alone in this because every other short girl out there has been through all the same ups and downs as you! So, listen up all tiny sisters, here are 10 things every one of us will relate to.


  1. You feel like a piece of furniture most days because anyone taller than you, which by default is literally everyone, mostly uses your shoulder (and head *rolls eyes*) as their personal armrest. It also means we are directly in the line of their armpits and that’s not pleasant, as you can imagine.

  1. You are a skilled climber from all that practicing on kitchen cabinets trying to remove things from the top shelf. But you dread going to grocery stores because no matter how many times you’ve done it, asking strangers to reach up for you, to get stuff of the top shelf never stops being awkward.


  1. If you had a rupee for every time someone said, “You’re so short” or “You’re so cute” you would have enough coins to fill the entire house. Besides, you always refer to yourself as being “fun-sized”

  1. You are like a bulldozer when it comes to jostling through crowds. Before someone realizes you were behind them, you are way past them. We’re sneaky like that.


  1. Kissing can be a struggle if your partner is super tall because let’s face it, standing on your tippy-toes isn’t as comfortable as is shown in movies. But you absolutely love cuddling because inevitably you are the small spoon. Is there anything more comfortable than that?

  1. All “mind your head” signs are not applicable to you. Never having to worry about bumping your head and ducking to get past things is a perk, if you think about it.


  1. Getting asked for your ID at every single bar/club goes from flattering to annoying really fast! Just because we look 18 doesn’t mean we are. I am just tiny.

  1. Heels, any kind of heels are your best friend. Others trip and fall, but after being forced to wear them every where you are a pro!


  1. The biggest perk of being tiny? You fit everywhere and you always have room for your feet. You can be comfortable in what ‘tall’ people describe as highly uncomfortable- airplane seats, couches, even a basic chair.

  1. As much as you love clicking pictures of yourself, group photos are always annoying. You are always made to stand right in the middle! As much as you hate it, at least you always look good in them.

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