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If 2017 Was A Girl, What Would She Be Like?

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So, every December, before a new year starts, there are speculations about how the year will turn out. For the most part, we think it will always be better than the previous one, and that whatever we haven’t accomplished till date, we will end up doing, as soon as the New Year comes.

Predictable? Yup.

But 2017 was full of surprises. From Trump’s presidency to Virushka’s wedding, we had quite a few ‘woah’ moments. The roller coaster of a year made us think 2017 was anything but predictable. Can you imagine what 2017 would be like if she were a girl? How she would behave?

We imagined it to be someone super trendy, and well, quite random. Oh, there’s more! But for that you’ll have to watch the video above and see for yourself!


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