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IAS Officer Joins Work Within 14 Days Of Childbirth And Brings Daughter To Work. Now That Is Some Commitment

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From once being the kind to take pride in my strong work ethic and calling myself a ‘workaholic’, to now turning into the kind that rolls over from her bed and straight to zoom calls without so much as taking brushing her teeth, there has been quite a change that working people like me have observed in their routine and discipline. Except while I have experienced an devolution in my conduct, there are people like the sub-divisional magistrate IAS officer Saumya Pandey, who have outdone themselves, going way beyond their call of duty as an officer by going the extra mile and joining office within 14 days of child birth.

Saumya Pandey, the Modinagar sub-divisional magistrate who was appointed as the nodal officer for Covid in Ghaziabad district this July, has let the situation of the pandemic bring out the extreme best in her, as she stayed true to her duty and responsibility as a government officer and showed up to work 14 days after giving birth to her daughter. And that’s not all, she joined back and brought her daughter to work with her.

Talking to ANI about it, she said, “I am an IAS officer so I have to look after my service. Due to Covid-19, there is a responsibility on all. God has given women the strength to give birth to her child and care for the child. In rural India, women do their household and work related to their livelihood in pregnancy during the near days of delivery and after giving birth they take care of the child and also manage their work and household. Similarly, it is the blessings of God that I am able to do my administrative work with my three week old girl child.”

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She further went on to share, “My family has supported me lot in this. My whole Tehsil and Ghaziabad district administration which is like a family to me gave me support during the pregnancy and post-delivery. District Magistrate and administration’s staff supported me throughout my pregnancy period as well as after my delivery. From July to September, I was the Nodal officer for COVID in Ghaziabad. In September I took 22 days- leave during my operation. Two weeks after the delivery, I joined the Tehsil.”

And just like that, all it took for IAS Officer Saumya Pandey to make it work was her family support and belief in her, along with her own resilience in knowing that she can efficiently juggle both roles. And that right there was proof of just how adept women can be at doing the things they have set their minds and hearts too.

We can be a mother and a working woman, and we can excel at keeping a balance in both without society bringing us down. And showing every one just how it is done, was the young and determined Saumya Pandey who has left all of us women inspired and hopeful.

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