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I Watched Karan Johar’s What The Love And It’s Appalling And Cringe-Worthy. He Should Stick To Making Movies

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Fine. I admit it. I watch bad shows. They’re my guilty pleasure and sometimes I enjoy them. *sniffles into a tissue*

But if I were to ever fight my case in court, my crime being that I watch awful shows, I will have some valid arguments to make. Let’s assume we are in court right now. Here are my arguments presented in a chronological, coherent manner. Okay, who am I kidding? It will be that I pay for a Netflix subscription, I am an Amazon Prime member and have paid for Hotstar. And if I am going to be dropping a chunk in paying for all this, it only makes sense that I binge-watch stuff.

But listen, I have no standards. Yes, I will watch the great stuff like Fleabag and Nailed it (absolute nail-biting stuff), but I also watch Dr. Phil and TLC on Youtube, so you know, if shows could rate me back like Uber drivers can, I would be the absolute bottom of the barrel.

Which would explain why I would even click on a show like What The Love. From the very start, you know that this is not good. But then, because I am very generous, I am willing to shoo the tiny alarmed voice in my head asking me not to watch this, and click on it anyway. Yes, I like living life on the edge.

From the first frame, I just knew this was going to be bad. But even with me, my bad life choices and everything, couldn’t predict how awful it was going to be. Because it’s a cringe-fest.

Basically, the plot of the show is this: Karan Johar tries to play cupid between one person who simply isn’t able to find someone to love who is the protagonist and other people who just want to be on TV in whatever way possible. Now, as the show progresses, you realise, they are not just going to tell you that these people can’t find love, they also want to tell you why. Which, in theory, should make them more human. On reality TV, it’s about being assholes.

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So how will Karan Johar choose who to set up? It must be on a grand scale, so we are given insider access to a party – a party full of single, jaded but still hopeful people. This party is fun. How do we know that? Because several people from the party are plucked to be front of the screen and tell you precisely that – that this party is fun, I am having so much fun, the music was so much fun. The logical part of my brain wanted me to stop at this point. But you know this is an addiction and so, we keep going.

Pretty sure that because they didn’t want the show to feel too basic, they threw in some gender-fluid people in there. Anyway, Karan Johar walks up to people at the party, chatting with them, getting to know them a little better. He meets forlorn rapper boy who isn’t taken seriously, a guy who has turned up in a suit because he’s come straight from work and has a broken heart, and an airline hostess who is looking for a girlfriend.

Nothing interesting. Then, to drum up the drama, a makeup artist and stylist walk in. The 3 of them -Karan Johar, stylist and makeup dude- look around the room and randomly shame people for their hair, clothes and confidence. At some point, they refer to a woman in a sequinned dress as a shiny, disco ball.  It’s absolutely trashy and it should have been edited out. Or never should have been said in the first place. Ugh.

After this, random games are played, Parineeti Chopra makes an appearance, we learn that Karan Johar once paid for sex and I have gouged my eyes out, so I stopped watching.

I wouldn’t normally say this, but steer clear of this show. It’s toxic, rubbish and so, so bad. But it’s not bad enough to be good, it’s just bad.

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Mansi Shah is the resident humour writer and random conversation starter. Tends to laugh manically at puns. Deeply enjoys the blunt force of sarcasm. Preys on chauvinists and people with incorrect grammar. Hoards makeup and beauty products. Attacks Nutella with vigour.

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