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I Didn’t Think It Could Happen But In These 5 Ways This Lockdown Has Made Me Lazier

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This lockdown is hands down the most boring experience of my adult life. I mean, it’s fun in the sense that I get to have game nights and lunches with my family, but I don’t know for how much longer I can pull this off now. I think part of this gloomy pessimistic attitude comes from the fact that all I do everyday is lie on my couch with my computer on my stomach and watch shows.

Now while that may seem like a perfect weekend, I am kind of tired of pretending everyday is Sunday. This lockdown has put restrictions on movement and social gatherings (obviously this is the need of the hour) and now “staying in and keeping it lowkey” has a completely different meaning.

This lockdown has actually managed to make me lazier than I already was, I didn’t even know that was possible! Check out why I think so, I know you will be able to relate to me.


No Commute To Work Which Means No Hasty Mornings

My mornings were always a blur since my alarm clock and I was never really that friendly. Which meant I was tied my shoelaces in the rickshaw, and I was always late to work. The thing is, I am not a morning person and though I know I need a good night’s sleep, I refuse to go to bed at a sensible time. And that is the reason I am enjoying this lockdown as much as I am because now, I can just wake up 10 minutes before work time and work all day in my night clothes. Though I am well aware that those mornings used to keep me on my toes and without them, I am lazier than ever.

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I Am Proof That Watching Too Much Television Makes You Lazy

Have you ever noticed that watching television (this includes Netflix and all other OTT platforms) all day long leaves you with this unshakeable lethargy? If you haven’t, keep an eye out for it I am sure you will have many such days now. Until then, take my word for it. As much fun as binge-watching a show is, after a while you stop being a couch potato and turn into a regular potato. I am that potato right now and all I want to do is lie in my bed and watch my fan spin.

There Is No Need To Put On Pants In The Morning, There Is No One To Meet And Nowhere To Go

There are two kinds of people under lockdown- there are the people who dress up fully to feel motivated and then there are people like me (I hope) who like to use this time to fulfil their lifelong dream of treating every day like it’s a Sunday. Which basically means changing from one pair of PJs into another every morning. It’s like living the dream except now thanks to all the laziness I have harboured, going to my old life where I have to dress up every day will be tougher (yay).

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The Most I Have Walked Is From My Bed To My Fridge, What Else Is There To Do?

You know this feeling, don’t you? Of deciding to workout every day but failing to actually execute that plan. This has become my life’s story and frankly, a part of me is hating this. The only workout I have done is walk to the fridge, move containers around to find snacks and chewing is the only movement any body part is getting. But that doesn’t really count, does it? People are developing new skills during this time I am sharpening an old one- procrastination.

Napping Is My New Best Friend

Do you know how long it had been before this lockdown since I had taken a good nap? Too long. Now, much to my dismay, I am making up for all lost time. Besides, I think I am in that phase of the lockdown that I need to sleep for part of the day to kill time. Although napping leaves me with this feeling of sluggishness. But hey, better appreciate while it lasts, right?

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