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Hyderabad Serial Killer Convicted For Murder Of 16 Women Gets Bail. Kills Two More Women

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The purpose of a jail, one would assume, is to be a deterrent to further crimes and also offer some sort of rehabilitation to the criminals. Safe to say, it is NOT to temporarily keep them inside, only to offer bail, knowing that the crime they were booked under was as serious as murder. A lesson that Hyderabad police and judiciary learnt the hard way after they released a serial killer on bail, only to have him kill two more women

Once again, the price of society’s negligence towards women and their safety has been paid by the precious lives of women who were killed by a serial killer named Maina Ramulu, recently let out on bail by the Hyderabad High Court. 

A convicted serial killer, who was involved in the killing of 18 women over the span of last 24 years was arrested and convicted earlier in 16 cases of murder. He turned a psychopath at the age of 21, and started targeting married women, reeling from the trauma of his wife leaving him for her boyfriend.

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He would then try to meet women, lure them with alcohol, take them to secluded places to have sex and then murder them. His weapon of choice would either be stones or strangulation, after which he would burn their faces with alcohol, making it hard to identify them. 

The 40-year-old man was nabbed by the police during investigation into a woman ‘missing’ case under Mulugu police station limits, said Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar. Police also said that  the man had been arrested many times before (and also due to their own incompetence, escaped) on charges of murder of 16 women, robbery, four property offences and one case of escaping from custody while being admitted at a mental institution in December 2011, after having just been arrested in February 2011. 

The criminal who was sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court, made an appeal to the High Court for bail, which for reasons beyond our understanding, granted him one. Because why not? Only to have him kill two more women, the onus of which lies completely on the incompetent, negligent and absurd decision of the court. 

The man in his defencs spoke during investigation and revealed that, “I suffered a lot because of what my wife did to me. I killed these women to see that others don’t suffer like me.” It is a shame that not even murder of 16 women is considered a crime serious enough to keep a man convicted and behind bars, that the courts loosely hand out bail to such monsters. Shame on the justice system for such a lack and error in judgement. 

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