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In Hyderabad, A Club Got Raided And Sealed After A Video Of A Huge Crowd Without Masks Went Viral. Wait, Is Corona Ineffective In Hyderabad?

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Words can often be misconstrued and interpreted differently. Just like ‘no’ is often confused with a ‘yes’, especially when it comes from a woman’s mouth, or how off late, ‘stay at home’ has been confused for ‘go out in groups and party in the back of a club’ by a few people in Hyderabad. We are talking about the case that has left people like me, ones who’ve been camping in their PJs for 7 months straight, confused and frustrated at the same time because we were not informed that Hyderabad has apparently become corona resistant. Or so it appears.

Turns out, people of Hyderabad have decided corona will not infect them or have declared themselv immune to the virus, that otherwise has managed to cause a worldwide pandemic. These people stepped out of their houses, and not to do anything essential like making a wage, but because it was important that they put on their LBDs and party. A huge crowd of people was recently spotted dancing in a night club in Hyderabad, without masks or social distancing.

In a video that is now making rounds on the internet, shows life having gone back to normal, as people stood around in large groups, drink in hand, masks no where to be seen, dancing, swaying and chatting away with no hoots to give about a pandemic that has already claimed millions of lives. Guess, temptation was far more important than well being for these people, a fact that didn’t sit right with the Excise Department who was quick to take action.

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Once the video hit social media, the Telangana Excise Department made sure to shut the party down and put people back in their places – their respective homes. Raiding the restaurant that allowed for the staff and the customers to enter and be entertained without safety precautions such as using a sanitizer, wearing a mask or even adhering to the 30% occupancy rule, the excise department ended up sealing the premises of the Resign Skybar in Hyderabad’s Gachibowli area on Monday.

Releasing a statement on the matter, the Excise department said, “A prima facie perusal of the video shows clearly that the waiters and other bar personnel are not wearing face masks. Further, the crowd which is gathered near the bar counter is in violation of Covid-19 SoP. The bar management does not appear to be making any effort to clear off the crowd.”

It also went on to state that, “It is obvious that the bar management did not follow the SoP for Covid-19 thereby putting their customers and staff members at increased risk of infection.” And considering this was the attitude that was adopted by well educated and informed individuals, to simply ditch precautions and put themselves and others at risk, came as a big disappointment. While the entire world is making ends meet from the confines of their homes, we have these bunch of people here, simply ignoring the fact that corona or social distancing were ever even a thing.

It is true that most of us have reached the precipice of frustration and a burnout sitting put at home, wasting away a year, but to step out with no caution is actually just inviting more trouble in life than we’ve already seen. Better to be safe than sorry, guess this would serve as a fitting reminder to the people of Hyderabad and other states, who have been sneaking their way to house parties and back of the clubs, that the cost for a little fun can be your own life or that of a loved one.

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