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Hyderabad Cop Arrested For Harassing A Woman. Who Do We Turn To?

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When you do what I do, every day you read a story where a woman has been wrong and every day, my heart sinks a little. From catcalling to domestic violence to an act as heinous as rape, it’s an established fact that women just don’t have it easy. In the last few months though, crimes against women have increased and become more vicious than ever. To combat this, we, of course, rely on dialogues and social media but the sense of satisfaction only comes in when we know for a fact that the perpetrators have been arrested by the police. 

But what do you do when the authorities whose job it is to keep us safe are the ones behind the crime? Who do you turn to? Murder, rape, masturbating in front of a woman who has come to lodge a complaint, in the last few months more cases of police officers abusing their power has come to light than ever before. And it’s beyond shameful. 

Another crime to add to that list is harassment. A police constable of the 12th battalion of the Telangana State Special Police (TSSP) was arrested by the Banjara Hills Police for allegedly harassing a woman. 

32-year-old constable P Veerababu from Nalgonda was on duty with Panjagutta police station and was staying in Yousufguda. On 7th July, he asked a 34-year-old woman for a lift to his office. 

Seeing that he was a cop, the woman, who was also going towards Punjagutta, reportedly gave him a lift from Srinagar Colony to Pragathi Bhavan — the Chief Minister’s camp office in Begumpet. An act you would think is just human. 

Banjara Hills ACP K Srinivasa Rao said that the Veerababu and the woman exchanged phone numbers so that she could contact him if she ever needed any help. He then began sending her messages on Whatsapp, photos and even attempted video calling her. Despite the woman asking him to stop harassing her, Veerababu continued his lewd behaviour. 

And if that is not creepy enough, the constable then started asking her to send him her pictures. That’s when the woman went to Banjara Hills police station and lodged a complaint against him. The accused was booked for stalking and outrage of modesty of a woman. 

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Taking note of this incident, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar tweeted, “NONE IS ABOVE LAW. Constable Veerababu of 12 Battalion TSSP is arrested and sent to jail for misbehaving with a lady. Such criminals in uniform put our head down in shame. NEVER TOLERATE ANY NONSENSE FROM ANYONE. Inform any misconduct by a Cop on WhatsApp at 9490616555 (sic).” 

This incident is very shocking. More often than not, police officers feel a sense of invincibility which leads them to grossly abuse their authority. The sad part is that in most of the cases involving a police officer, no arrests are made. They are either suspended or transferred. But, that is nowhere close to enough. In fact, it makes them feel like they can do whatever they like without having to face consequences. We are very glad that in this case, Veerababu has been arrested for harassing that woman.  

If we can’t depend on cops to keep us safe, who can we depend on?

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