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This Woman Applied Makeup Everyday For 22 Years. Now That She Wants A Break From It, Her Husband Thinks She Will Look Slobby And Messy. We Are Glad She Is Taking A Stand

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Just the other day, I was watching Queer Eye (FYI it’s a must must must watch) and thinking about how women go so out of their way to look attractive for their partners while men do less than the bare minimum. It’s so unfair. What’s worse is that if the woman stops pulling out all the stops, it’s deemed unacceptable and she is judged by everyone. For instance, this woman, who applied makeup every day for 22 years, has decided she isn’t going to do so on Sundays. And while to most of us, that isn’t much of a problem (especially, since her face is her face and none of our face!), her husband seems to be throwing a fit and claiming she will look shabby if she stops applying makeup. These are double-standards right here.

This woman has worn makeup everywhere for the past 22 years. Barring times when she was sick or out on camping trips, she has applied makeup every single day. Now, she is looking for a change and has decided to have “groom-free Sundays”. Personally, I love the idea. No woman should have to wear that much makeup daily. If it’s her choice then great but it should never be an obligation. However, her husband is having a less than favourable reaction to this decision of hers.

Talking about this change she told’s Dear Prudence advice column, “I have risen, showered, shaved my legs, and spent nearly an hour putting on makeup and fixing my hair. I’m tired of it, so I recently stopped doing it on Sundays. Mind you, I don’t look like a total slob, I just put on moisturizer, put my hair up in a ponytail and wear tracksuits or other casual clothing.”

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Her husband though is having a massive fit about her makeup-free Sundays. She said that he is worried that this is “the beginning of a ‘downward spiral’ for me into a messy, slobby woman.” ERM, excuse me? So just because she isn’t marinated in foundation and blush, she is a slob? This is the patriarchal, misogynistic mentality that we have to overthrow.

She further talked about how “He points out that he still showers every day (true—and it takes him 15 minutes from start to finish).” Also, her husband said he doesn’t find anything “sexy” about her new no-makeup look.

It’s like he is doing her a favour by showering. Also, someone please tell this man that having a bath and patiently applying makeup every single day can’t be equated. They are not even on the same tangent.

She said, “I have no intention of stopping doing all of the stuff I’ve usually done the other six days a week, I’m just tired of wasting all that time on it when we historically do nothing more than a little yard work or possibly a trip to the grocery store.” Further adding that her husband is being ridiculous and that his nagging behaviour is getting on her nerves.

She also said, “He says it’s not fair of me to change things in the middle of the game like this. I say it’s not fair of him to expect me to tart myself all up every. single. day.”

Here’s the thing. Men need to stop controlling how their wives/girlfriends look. It’s none of their business nor is it up to them. If this woman wants to stop applying makeup all together she should be able to. It’s her face and hence her choice. I just can’t believe this misogynistic man is throwing a fit because she won’t be applying makeup for one day in the entire week. It’s not fair that she has to go through every day with a full face of makeup while he is literally doing the bare minimum, taking a shower. What happened to the concept of a supportive spouse?

It doesn’t matter if she wants to embrace the au natural look, even if it were to be a daily thing. How can someone love a person only as long as they have makeup on? That’s too much pressure. Women already go through such issues when it comes to unrealistic beauty standards and this is just taking it way too far. It’s her choice, even if she looked shabby.

I am glad this woman is standing up for herself. She is also giving other women the courage to stand up for themselves.

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