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Husband And Relative Beat Up Woman, Throw Her Into A Canal Along With Her Two Kids.

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The level to which criminals stoop down to every day is alarming to say the least. As we hear about cases that take away the remnants of hope we had left in the good of this world, we are put in an uncomfortable position to question whether women in this world would ever be able to be more than just victims. As crime against women gets normalised with every case reported, we shudder at the thought of just how expendable they have become to people. This after yet another case where a man threw his partner and her two children in a canal in UP.

In a rather distressing crime, a step father and second husband to a woman named Sayra alias Rajni reportedly thrashed her with the help of his relatives, and then threw her and her two children into a canal in Gurugram. Clearly, humanity also nosedived in the water along with the innocent lives of the two children whose bodies were retrieved 4 days later by the police.

The incident came to light on Wednesday after a complaint was filed by Sayra with the police where she alleged that the accused (identified as Sonu Yadav alias Bholu) abducted her and her two children and took them to Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

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Further alleging that Sonu’s relatives, namely Ravita, Pradeep alias Gollu and Sachin were accomplices in the crime, the complainant then shed light to the gruesome details of the case. Sayra had been married to a man named Sheikh Ali almost 8 years ago and had a daughter named Tohida Khatun with him. Her husband took his last breath in 2019 after meeting with an accident.

Sayra was pregnant when her husband passed away, and then after a little time had passed, she met Sonu through a man named Mahesh. The two started to live together when Sayra was only three months pregnant with her second child, and when the child was born, a boy, they named him Ankur. However, on 27 February, Sayra claimed that Sonu and Ravita beat her up rather badly after the couple got into an argument.

Later that day, Sonu and Ravita, with the help of their other relatives, pushed Sayra and the two kids into the car at 11 pm, and left for Meerut via KMP Expressway. The accused then took the three victims to Jani near the Meerut-Baghpat border, first they threw Sayra into the canal and then with the help of his relatives, pushed two of her children into the canal.

While Sayra was rescued by a person unknown, possibly a passerby, she returned to Gurugram by March 2nd. She immediately filed a report at the Kherki Daula police station and the accused were then arrested by the police under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Meanwhile, we are shocked at how someone would have the heart to commit such a crime against their own wife and his step children. This is horrible.

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