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#AskHauterfly: How To Refuse A Valentine’s Date

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There are 2 kinds of people in this world — one who plans for Valentine’s Day even before the previous one has ended, and the other who goes and chills in the Himalayas, just to run away from the love fever. Now that we are a mere 4 days away from said day, you HAVE to give an answer to the guy who has constantly been messaging you, asking about those dinner plans for Tuesday. Yes, I am talking to you, girl, and I know that there is a guy or maybe more than just one, so no point being modest. While there are some of us who are dying to go out on a V-day date, there are others who cannot find a way to refuse one.

But no worries, we get you. It is all good till he’s just texting and harmlessly flirting, but when he pops the question of going for dinner or drinks, that too on Feb 14, well, shit gets real. Even if you’ve been on a few dates with him, but don’t feel like spending Valentine’s Day with him, it’s a legit dilemma. But we’ve got you covered. Here are 4¬†foolproof ways you can jump off that awkward train and say no for a date.


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1. Be Honest

Literally a no brainer — just say no. If you really think there’s no scope at all, don’t lead him on, just be honest and blunt. Sure, it will hurt his ego, but do you really care?


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2. Throw In Some Compliments

Now, if the guy is a friend and you don’t want to lose him altogether, just gently friendzone him, then you have to be careful. Something like this may work, “I really love hanging out with you and enjoy your company, but I don’t see a romantic future” or “You are a great bud but I’m not not sure about the chemistry”. Let him down easy and hope for the best.


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3. Get A Third Wheel

Not on the date, but in the scenario. Your friend is leaving for Australia that very day or you have a family gathering that you just can’t avoid — basically use an excuse that is totally believable. Do this only if you can foolproof the plan and also if you’d be open to seeing him any other day, and just the idea of a Valnetine’s date is freaking you out.


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4. You Don’t Believe In Valentine’s Day

Be the second type of people and squarely place ALL the blame on the whole notion of the day’s existence. Go on a spiel about how it’s¬†just a money-making scam by greeting card and chocolate brands, so you’d rather hold on to your principles. Yup, time to scare him away.


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