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How To Recreate That Ghar-Wali Feeling If You Can’t Go Home This Diwali

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Those of us who live away from home look forward to Diwali for one reason: Going home! Yes, these holidays are when everyone takes time off work, and reunites with their loved ones. Or, so we’d like to believe. It’s not always possible to go home for Diwali. The day may fall in the middle of the week, like it is this year, making it impractical to go home. Or, maybe you’re just too broke this year. Whatever the reason may be, don’t lose heart, because you can recreate that ghar-wali feeling wherever you are. Well, sort of.

When we can’t get together with our loved ones for a special occasion, the easiest thing to do is to pretend that it’s just another day. That it’s not Diwali because hey, what IS Diwali if not spending the day at home? But, you see, that’s just pathetic. That’s you needlessly punishing yourself for not being able to make it back this year. But, wherever you are, is home for the moment (unless, of course, you are mid-air, on a plane or something). So, don’t sulk, because Diwali is not going to come for another year, and get started on dressing up, and decorating.


If you think about it, what do we really do on Diwali? Essentially, we dress up, decorate our house, and do a small pooja. What’s keeping you from doing any of these things? A bad mood. But, if you give in to it, it will only make matters worst for you. The best way to get out of a bad mood is to do the very thing that you don’t feel like doing that you know would have made you happy had the circumstances been different!

So, go find a local vendor you can buy some flowers from. Get some candles. If you’re too clueless or lazy to shop locally, order some lights and candles online! Everything is super easily available these days. But, please, light up your home! Wear something nice, and order some good food. Own your home and own your Diwali.


Surely, there must be some friends or someone you know whom you can invite over, or go over to, to spend the evening with? One doesn’t need a lot of people to celebrate. Just someone who cares. Essentially, there are three things to making your Diwali worthwhile: light up your home, dress up, and eat well. Geography can’t stop you from any of these!


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