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#AskHauterfly: How To Quit Smoking?

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A done to ‘death’ question, sure, but if not asked, will eventually lead to one — geddit? Some people smoke because it’s cool and they want to fit in with the cool kids, while others are addicted and do it to deal with stress. All this, literally for a few seconds of joy, and though they know that it will kill them in the long run, they refuse to quit or accept the implications of it. Yes, this is slow suicide and if you’re one of them, it’s high time that you give up on this drug and, instead, opt for life.


How To Quit Smoking_Hauterfly


This is not a post promoting nicotine tablets or one that will show you images of tar filled lungs. Quitting is difficult, I know. It is an addiction that, even if you want to leave it, will not leave you — much like the Vodafone pug. I have interacted with chain smokers who have told me that if they could undo one decision in their lives, it will be the one when they smoked their first cigarette.

So I give you 5 ways that are easy motivating enough to make you at least think about giving up smoking, if not doing it at once. It is a slow process. It will take time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try.

How To Quit Smoking_Hauterfly

1. Bury Your Pack

Kill the evidence! Take your pack and bury it somewhere, and do this every time you buy new one. The hassle of digging up the ground every time you want to smoke will immediately deter you. It’s a little funny but totally doable.


How To Quit Smoking_Hauterfly

2. Make A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page and ask people to like it, stating that if you get a million likes, you will quit smoking. That dose of attention and popularity will give you the impetus you need. And you will get a crazy amount of support too.


How To Quit Smoking_Hauterfly

3. Get A Health Insurance

This is totes legit and my colleague will vouch for that. He gave up smoking for 2 weeks so that he could clear his tests and tick on the non-smoker mark. Once you stop for that long, it’s easier to give up altogether.


How To Quit Smoking_Hauterfly

4. Pay A Fine

Make a deal with your friend that every time you smoke, you will pay a fine to her. The thought of going broke should hold you back and help you stop smoking.


How To Quit Smoking_Hauterfly

5. Get A Partner Who Is A Non-Smoker

Either they will start smoking or you will stop. But worth the risk, yeah?


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