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5 Ways To Meet The Right Guy This Year (And None Of Them Are Online)

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I bet you did a double take on that headline. As millennials, we’ve forgotten what it feels to talk to someone without a screen in between. We barely know what it feels like to have butterflies in our stomach without listening to a message ‘beep’ first. And we’ve genuinely can’t fathom meeting a guy, much less ‘the one’, without being on a dating app.

When I tell people that I’ve never been on Tinder, Bumble or Happn, they look at me like I don’t exist, or I haven’t fully lived. And no, I’ve not been single all my life. I’ve had amazing, loving relationships that have given me some of the best moments of my life… memories to cherish for a lifetime.

And you can live them too. You don’t need to rely on the Internet (as awesome as it is) to help you find someone, who might not even be who they say they are. Get out into the real world, and meet a guy… face to face. Yes, it’s time to go ol’ school, and I’ll tell you how!

1. Get Introduced By Friends

Remember the time when friends would introduce, and set two people up? Well, it’s time to bring that back. Take a break from just being mutual friends on Facebook, and meet someone at a party; a wedding; or even someone that your best friend finds cute!

After all, your besties know what (and who) is best for you. Go pick up that phone… not to chat with the next guy, but to text your BFF and tell her to up her game.

2. Find Love At Work

It is said that to date someone at work is probably the worst thing you could do to yourself. But, you practically stay in office all day long, without any social life, so where else are you supposed to find ‘the one’, right?

As long as you can be mature about it, can get over the awkward phase, I say, go ask the cute guy in the adjacent cabin out for a drink. And witness how magic works!

3. Approach A Guy At A Cafe

Not asking you to be a creep, but if you see a guy at a cafe, and think something could work out, then gather the courage to go and talk to him. Don’t let an opportune moment pass by in the realm of fear, and let yourself be overcome by tiny regrets.

Restaurants, clubs, coffee houses… have always been places for first dates. Make them places for first sights too.

4. Listen To Your Relatives

Okay, you might not agree with this, but hear me out.

Sometimes relatives, parents, or even cousins are the perfect people to help us find the right person. They would never set us up with someone who would be wrong for us, and always have our best interests in mind. Think about it. What’s the harm in letting them try if you are serious about settling down?!

5. Hook Up At The Gym

Of course, I didn’t forget this one! Couples who exercise together, stay together. And those who meet at the gym are legit soulmates. The guy will most probably be living a healthy lifestyle, has already seen you all gross and sweaty, and isn’t too lazy to exercise! It’s perfect!


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