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How To Clean Your Kitchen Appliances (Hacks Included!)

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Cooking is one thing, cleaning up after is a whole different ball game. From the gas stove to the blender, and even the microwave, taking care of kitchen appliances can be quite a task, especially if you’re on the 9 to 5 grind. If you’re a workaholic or just generally busy in life, then spending unreasonable amounts of time cleaning a toaster or a microwave can really take up all your free time.

So if you’re faced with a disgustingly greasy exhaust fan or a dirty blender, here are 5 kitchen appliance cleaning hacks that will ensure that you don’t spend your precious time doing chores that can be done in  jiffy!

1. Clean a blender in under 1 minute

Cleaning a blender doesn’t get easier than this hack, especially after making your morning smoothie before you head out to work.

2. Clean a bread toaster with a toothbrush

A tiny little toothbrush can do wonders while cleaning a bread toaster. So think twice before you throw away the one you used today.

3. Remove dust and grease from an exhaust fan

Exhaust fans can get really dirty and greasy, so cleaning them regularly is really important. Here is a perfect way for you to clean it thoroughly.

4. Clean a dirty pan with vinegar and baking soda

Often times when you avoid using too much butter or oil to cook food (’cause diet!), some of the food will get stuck to the pan. Well, we found you the perfect way to clean a dirty pan in a jiffy.

5. Clean your microwave with a bowl of vinegar

Heated up your food too much, and now you’re left with a splattered microwave? This eazy peazy hack will make your microwave clean-up super quick.

6. Clean your fridge with lemon

You can clean all parts of your fridge, from the inside to the outer surface with this super cool hack. On the plus side, it will leave your fridge smelling citrus-y!

7. Cleaning your kitchen stove is just a swipe away

This hack is super cool to wipe away even the toughest grime from your stove top. So go ahead and cook that meal you thought would make a thorough mess. You can clean it up in no time!


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