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How Far Would You Go To Get Your Insurance Claim? This Woman Sawed Off Her Own Hand. What Even?

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Look, everyone likes a little money. Everyone likes that money more when they’ve not had to work their ass off for it. Like an inheritance. Or an insurance claim. I mean, no one will choose to die to get money- mainly because you’re dead and that can be a hiccup when you want to enjoy that money. But sure, some of us would be willing to undergo some minor inconvenience to make some money and willing to cheat someone, but to cut a whole arm? That’s…well, something.

In Slovenia, this woman cut off her own arm to get an insurance claim. But it was carefully planned out. At least in theory, it was carefully planned out. She took out 5 insurance policies in the year before the accident. Hardly something that could pass off as a generic purchase. Turns out, the courts saw right through it and she and her boyfriend have been charged with fraud.

I have to admit when I read about it, I was taken aback at how far people would go for an insurance claim. They planned for it, took out the policies, read up about artificial hands on the internet etc. The timing of the entire thing proved to be their undoing. In court, it was proved that a few days before the incident, the woman’s boyfriend searched for artificial hands. You’ve to admit he was a caring lover. Thinking about what she might require once they chop the hand off. Besides, you know, medical help.

The whole thing came to a head, or hand when the court found out not only about the insurance policies but also that when she cut her hand off, she deliberately left it behind instead of carrying it with them so that the disability was permanent. I mean, if not for her, the extra limb could be handy (hilarious pun) otherwise too. Nonetheless, the authorities found the severed hand, cut off right above the wrist and sewed it back on.

The woman, identified as Julija Adlesic is only 22 and it was proven that the injury was intentional and she now faces potentially a sentence of two years in jail. Her father has also been given a one year suspended sentence. Her boyfriend could get 3 years in jail.

But if they hadn’t been uncovered as frauds, they would stand to get half a million euros lump sum and an additional monthly payouts.

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