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#AskHauterfly: How Do I Make It To Work On Time?

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I’ll tell you why this question is totally legit. This article was supposed to get published three days back, but since I’m usually late to work, that didn’t happen. My editor keeps reminding me to manage my time better but in vain. And you’re not allowed to judge me because this is almost all of us, and a LOT of my colleagues come under this category. It is the same ritual every morning — wake up late, leave home without breakfast, miss the train, reach work with a not-so-welcome assault of death stares by the boss.

But the whole “new year, new me” needs to happen and this article is a step towards that. We know the tricks of being punctual but never really follow them. Yes, being honest here.


Morning Routine Tips_Hauterfly


So this post is for everyone who knows the pain of missing that 9:07 am local, the irritation of getting stuck in traffic at unexpected places, the annoying phenomena of eating toast every day, and those who can’t help but abuse at public transport for representing a tortoise.

I understand your feelings — it is not always your fault. Let’s work on these tips and promise ourselves that we will never let the alarm clock win again.


Morning Routine Tips_Hauterfly

1. Keep Your Bae At Bay

Please don’t tell me that your phone isn’t your bae. I know that’s a lie. But leave your phone aside for at least 45 minutes before you doze off and you’ll thank me for it. This will help your eyes and brain relax and you will be surprised how fast you feel sleepy. This will also result in you waking up fresh and happy. You are on your phone for the rest of the day anyway, so let it get some rest at night too. That clearly doesn’t mean you move on to your laptop. Soft soothing music helps like a lullaby if you want a sleeping hack.


Morning Routine Tips_Hauterfly

2. Set Like 8 Alarms

I’m very serious. Setting multiple alarms at different intervals will make sure that you get irritated and wake up quicker. Also, keep the alarm a few feet away from your bed, that way you will have to get out of bed to turn it off. Snooze is your enemy — note that down.


Morning Routine Tips_Hauterfly

3. Plan For The AM In The PM

That small gap after you’ve had dinner and before you watch Netflix, make that more productive. Pick out your clothes for next day, think about your breakfast, keep your keys, wallet, bag everything ready by the door so that even if you are late you have things ready to zoom out. Trust me, 15 minutes of organising time in the night will save you a lot of time in the morning.


Morning Routine Tips_Hauterfly

4. Give Yourself More Attention

What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t look for your phone as soon as you get up. Get up, use the bathroom, drink some water, brush, have some hot tea or coffee, bathe, and then when you are almost ready for work, check your mail and Whatsapp messages. Doing that immediately after waking up will take away a lot of your time and this way you put yourself first. The people-stalking session on Facebook can happen while you commute.


Morning Routine Tips_Hauterfly

5. Traffic Is Not An Excuse

It doesn’t matter whether you reside in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi, traffic and delayed public transport is par for the course. It’s time we stop using traffic as an excuse. Plan ahead, leave a good 30 minutes prior to what you had decided, and things will work out magically. A trick to do this is to set all your watches/clocks 20 minutes ahead and you will be motivated to leave early. This one genuinely works.


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